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On A Mission Today!


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OK, today I was on a mission. I wrote a 6 page letter talking about SSDI, and the fact how hard it is go get approve having POTS/ NCS. I talked about what pots/ NCS is, web site for more information, and quality of life someone has, and so one. I went on and on. I mailed copies to President Bush, to the governor of Iowa. Then I emailed all the Senators, and state representives in Iowa. I am not planing on them doing anything, but I am just so mad at the system I thought I would try to to some good, and at least let my story be know, and also talk about how hard the SSDI process is, and the amount ot time it takes when you really need the money. That we as tax payes have paid into the system, so if one day we are unable to work that what the system is for, not alot of red tape.

Anyways I am tried now, I thinkI am going to take a nap!

Talk to you all later! :D


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good for you, Amy!!!!!!!!

way to go....and oh---so much work!!!!!

a friend said to me of late===='it's time you all hit the OPRAH SHOW'...to get this info out to general population...and.....doctors....or whoever!!!!!

i agree!!!!!

i know we are all so tired of this, not mentioning the fact of being disabled and becoming financially depleted====and cannot get help??????

how the heck are we suppose to eat, pay bills, exist.....without working?????

what an atrocity, to say the least!!!!

if only, we were able to MARCH, HUH????

i believe we are all angry...and rightfully so===and so-o-o-o-tired of being in prison, so to speak....due to the apathetic demeanor that is thrown at us----in every which way, but loose!!!!

i can hardly get thru a bath, let alone go to the OPRAH SHOW, but it is a fabulous idea!!!

enuf is enuf, all....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

again===way to go Amy!!!!!!!!!



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