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Difficulty Swallowing And Now I'm Snoring.

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Hi. For a couple of weeks now, I've had difficulty swallowing. Not all of the time, but on and off, especially at night, when I wake up starving and try to have a bite to eat.

Now, my husband says he's noticed that I've started to snore lightly at night. I never snore. In fact, I breathe so lightly when I sleep that people think I'm deceased.

Anyway, I do have acid reflux and gastritis, and both have been giving me fits lately, especially since having to add so much salt to my diet lately for my bp. I attribute the difficulty swallowing to this, and to the fact that my POTS is horrible right now since coming off of my Cardizem CD, and whenever my POTS has acted up, I have trouble swallowing.

But, is there a connection between the trouble swallowing and the now snoring? Hopefully, some of you can shed light on this for me.



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Hello Lindajoy, I to have problems with swallowing, I get it when I have a bad session and when I lay down at night sometimes I feel like I'm being strangled :blink: I was told that it is part of one of the conditions I have bit I cant remember which one, after all these years I have so many that have joined in having a 'nibble at the bod' :P its not very nice when I try to eat and the food gets stuck , eye's watering, red faced trying to swallow , especially when I'm out :( I dont think there is any help , I've never had anything for it, it is a case of slowly and carefully and watch for the signs I'm afraid.

I to sleep like I'm dead, that is when I do get off to sleep, and on many an occasion my Hubby's actually woken me up because he was so worried..............mmmmmm thanks a lot dear ! ;)

My hubby has also noticed that I am snoring slightly but I put this down to ..........not singing in the car as much as I normally do ! :huh:

Yep I know it sounds mad, but if you sing ( I do classical or opera ...i.e phantom of the opera stuff) this stretches the bits at the back that apparently make you snore, it has been proven in the UK that singing for about 10-20 mins every other day works!!!!

But as I've been unwell on and off for sometime now and not been able to get out ..........so not been singing , I'm snoring ..................right out with the Cd's and away I go .........earplugs anyone ? :D


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Guest tearose

Good question!!!

It makes some "common sense" since we need those throat muscles to swallow and to snore. If they get all loose and funky, maybe it is the same mechanism...I don't know but am curious too now.

thanks, tearose

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I jsut want to add that I had the swallowing issues as some of you remember..they were intense!! This is a symptom some of us have..which I am told is partly sue to the fact you have to remember nerves are all over our bodies. Periphial ones!!! This has seemed to tone down for me a bit. One thing that helped me was aloe vera juice to soothe and kkep the esophagus and throat moist..

Also do you have reflux or gastroparesis which could contribute????

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