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You don't have to have dizziness to have POTS. I have POTS, and I don't have dizziness. If you haven't already, maybe you would want to take a look at the NDRF handbook. It does a great job of explaining the differences in various dysautonomias.

Here's the link: www.ndrf.org

You can find a list of symptoms for diagnosing POTS beginning on page 54, of Section A: "What Are Dysautonomias?" (if you are using the free online PDF viewer) or page 112, if you choose to purchase the actual book.

I think I have 8 of the 10 or 12 symptoms listed. I always assumed that I didn't get dizzy or faint because I'm not one who has a tremendous drop in blood pressure upon standing. However, as the handbook states, you don't have to have orthostatic hypotension in order to have POTS. Personally, I get a small gradual drop in systolic, but my diastolic raises, and my pulse pressure becomes narrowed. I just feel sick then, but not dizzy.

Because POTS isn't a disease, but a syndrome (a collection of symptoms), there are lots of reasons for it, and people experience it differently. That's why what works for some of us can actually make others worse.

Best of Luck,


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I strongly recommend reading the NDRF handbook that you can download. I have a link to it in my post welcoming new members, which I'll put a post to you in so you can find it more easily. I don't get all that dizzy until just seconds before I faint. Most of the time, I'm nauseated. Nina

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thanks for the replies. i am always doubting the pots diagnosis cuz i always hear people complain of dizziness or passing out....and the mayo video clip explained that although pots has many different symptoms, the number one symptom is dizziness - then the girl with pots goes on to explain that sometimes she feels nauseous, sometimes fatigue, but that no matter what she is always dizzy. i really didnt like that video all that much because POTS patients arent just btwn 12-20 and heart rate arent just 110-"or even 120" as the woman in the clip so emphatically exclaims. my rates are A LOT higher than 120!! thanks for the references though. it is nice to know where to look for info!! :D

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For me dizziness and tachy were the reasons I first sought help...I am sure it is different for each person though.


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