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Does Anyone Else Have Any Of These Issues....

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These may seem a little silly but they are driving me crazy so I thought I would ask.

Did any of you break out in a hives after having the TTT? After you were given the injection of isopropyl (?)?

Do any of you break out in hives after fainting? Getting too hot? Getting stressed out?

Do any of you get extremely dizzy by looking up (like you are looking at the sky)? What about looking down at your toes?

In the middle of fainting, while you are unconscious, do any of you gasp for air?

Have any of you stopped breathing while unconscious?



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When stressed I can get rashes, and if I look up or down I do get dizzy, but it's more noticable when I look up.


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Guest dionna

i get red splotches all over me when i am feeling bad, stressed, or if i am too hot. i get dizzy looking up or at the light, sometimes looking down. sometimes when i hit the ground i get the air knocked out of me so when i wake i have a hard time breathing. i don't think those were silly questions at all.

dionna ;)

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