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Burning Rashes: Anyone Else Get These

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Hi. Just wondering if anyone else gets the same kind of rashes I do. I haven't been able to find the cause, but every once in awhile (today's one of those every once in awhiles) I get a rash on the tops of my thighs. The rashes don't itch, but they feel hot and actually burn a little. My doctor has seen them and gave them a name. Gee, can't understand why this old brain can't pull the medical term out, but anyway, she said they're from breathing in something I'm allergic to and blood vessels near the top of my skin reacting to the allergen and popping. This makes sense to me, as we have seven cats living at our house, outside, but we still go outside to feed them and I pet them.

Anyway, does anyone else get spontaneous burning rashes?



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