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Anyone Had High Blood Sugar Issues With Florinef?

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Last week I had some blood work done and my dr. called me and said my glucose was 189 and we need to make sure I haven't become diabetic! Last time we did blood work it was 85. I am in normal weight range and on a very boring gluten free diet, few refined carbs. We are going to do a fasting glucose test later this week but now I am reading that florinef can aggrevate or unmask latent diabetes.

I have been on .3 mg florinef daily + Postassium 20MEQ and after seeing Dr. Grubb last month we discussed the need to lower the florinef dose after I get stable on something else. (I am trying cymbalta) Florinef has helped the most in my treatment but he told me it is NOT a life long drug and he prefers a lower dose (.2 mg. max).

Also, my major complaint with the POTS symptoms has been weak legs, Dr. Grubb said low postassium, even low but normal range was a problem when taking florinef. This week my potassium was low so my dr. doubled my potassium and within 24hrs. I noticed some improvement in the leg weakness.

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0.3 mg/day of fludrocortisone is a high dosage. Fludrocortisone was marketed to be a replacement for aldosterone, which is made by the adrenal glands. People with Addison's disease (i.e., they have no adrenal function at all) usually get dosages of 0.1 to 0.2 mg/day.

Fludrocortisone is primarily a mineralocorticoid (i.e., it makes your kidneys retain salt in the body) but it does have some glucocorticoid effects. Glucocorticoids encourage your body to make glucose, especially from amino acids and lipids (i.e., from proteins and fats). Glucocorticoids also encourage the tissues to release the amino acids and lipids to make them available for conversion to glucose. So a high dosage of fludrocortisone could theoretically raise your blood sugar levels, especially if you already have impaired glucose tolerance.

Have you asked the doctor whether you can use licorice instead of Florinef? Licorice root contains a chemical (glycyrrhizin) that blocks an enzyme in the kidney. The enzyme normally prevents cortisol from having mineralocorticoid effects in the kidney. So licorice could allow your natural cortisol to act like Florinef. I don't know how it would affect your blood sugar.

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Most GLUTEN FREE products are high in sugar/starch/carb content! Unless you eat very small portions and balance it with protein and fats, Gluten Free breads and stuff can make you feel lousy. I got hypoglycemic eating that stuff and had to be very careful.

STILL, it shouldn't mess with fasting blood sugar. Hope you get some answers.

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