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Wondering About Some Members-


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What perfect timing, I was about to post asking about them as well! :D

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It looks like Morgan checked in late last night, but she hasn't posted in a while. Hoping everything's okay.


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Hi guys, have been put on 3 new meds lately and not doing real great. Sorry i haven't posted, I have lurked a little, but for those of you that don't have laptops and feel terrible, you will understand, that while you can sometimes read posts, responding is a lot more difficult.

I appreciate the concern. I really haven't been anywhere too much. As far as the feeding tube, the consensus is not yet. My bp and heart rate are all over the place and between BB's and alpha antagonists, I can barely function. I did just get my esophagus dilated but he said my gut looks awful...duh...and started me back on prevacid. The bp meds are causing quite a bit of edema, so it looks like I weigh more than I do.

So the side effects are actually worse than the illness, as per usual. I asked them to just stick a tube in as it's getting so hard for me to swallow, but it's just a no go at this point. I am also having trouble controlling arm movements and things. they are all herky jerky like my legs are now. So it's really getting hard to type.

So all in all, it's been a pretty crummy few months. My primary is looking at metabolic disorders, like rare stuff no one ever sees, but who knows. My hubby says I look like Michael J Fox with his Parkinson's lately. Will just have to see how things evolve.

Again, I appreciate the concern. I know I used to post here all the time, but i used to have more energy and brain cells too, lol. I hope no one minds the lurking, as I like to keep up with people, I do think about you guys a lot, and will try to post more often.

There are so many new people it's impossible for me to keep up, but a big welcome to the newbies from an old timer! Your concern is very touching and validating. Thank you...tremblymorganzilla

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Guest tearose

HI! Thank you for inquiring...the job(s) did not work out...I have actually tried two different jobs. It was too much for me even though I'm stronger than I have been in years. I didn't realize how much easier I made life by moving to a one level home and streamlining my lifestyle. When I tried working I became immobilized within a few days. I would come home and be unable to cook or do laundry or anything but sit down and eventually go to bed to recharge for the next day. The NEW challenge is to find a part time job that pays well...usually, a part time job pays so little I can't afford to take them and full time jobs pay three times more and hour and let me afford to hire help or bring in cooked food... but those long hours totally break me down...

So, I am re-thinking my job search and replenishing my body and spirit. While figuring out what is next, I am home and trying to learn how to get a children's story published. This is a new adventure but I have long wanted to pursue this and now will make the time to do so. Maybe things will be clearer in time.

I had also tried to get any interested people to get together on August 5th or August 6th but haven't heard from anyone about where in NYC they would find doable. Is anyone living or working in NYC still interested in finding a restaurant or diner we could meet? I recall about 10-12 people who were interested from the discussion forum.

gosh, between the job search, my several visits to the dentist, the heat, the dust bunnies...where has the time gone???

I guess I'm getting back on track...I'll catch you later friends,

I'm tired but feeling so much better than I could EVER have wished for!

best regards, tearose

PS morgan, please take care and say hi when you can...cool hugs...t

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Tearose and Morgan so glad to hear from you. I have missed reading your words of wisdom.

Morgan- I hope that things will soon turn around some for you. I do understand the comment about not having a laptop. I decided to purchase one at Christmas, because I was so bed bound. It sounds like you are going through some very tough times indeed, then new meds on top of it all. Please keep in touch, if and when you can- In the mean time know people are thinking of you.


Sorry the work trial didn't go well, but you don't know until you try I guess. I miss my work so very much and would love to be back out there again.

The children's book sounds very exciting and although it may be a challenge to complete - I can only imagine that it will be wonderful. I have always enjoyed reading your posts. Good luck to you---

Take care-- :rolleyes:

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It's good to see that you two are still here! No apologies necessary for not posting. We've all been there at some point, and/or might be again... :) Nina

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