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Just A Concern- What Is Happening In This World


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Just sitting here and so upset by everything happening in the world right now. ;)

Seems everyday we worry about the troops already spread around the world in many dangerous hot spots, not just Iraq, and now the newest events in the Middle East crisis.

Not to mention the latest Tsunami! Fires in the western US-

A little off subject here, but hope everyones families are ok- I am sure there must be members or families who are affected by these recent events around the world, as this has quite a wordly group of members.

Sure would be nice to have some end to all of this :D

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I share your concern.

I heard on the news this AM a report regarding the mass exodus from Beirut and the reporter made a statement about how the elderly and ill are the most vulnerable b/c they can't move easily. It made me think of the fact that in this hot spot, and others throughout the world, there are chronically ill people with POTS and other conditions who really suffer greatly.

Let's hope a peaceful resolution occurs.


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I have friends in Tsfat (sefed) and Haifa. They have had ketusha rockets from hezbolla land in their yard, in one case. They have evacuated south. All are ok for now.

I am glad to hear they are safe at this point. How scary it is to watch the news, can't imagine the fear and panic there is for individuals in both countries.

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popping in here from the "middle east" to say hi

I'm here in Jerusalem, so we don't hear the rockets falling (about 2 hours from here). My POTS doc is actually in Haifa, not far from where one of the rockets destroyed an apartment building. Israel is one small country. We had a miracle very close to my home yesterday when police stopped someone suspicious looking, to find he was carrying a large bomb.

There is set to be a massive prayer rally asking for peace at the Western Wall at 6pm today. My kids are planning on going, I'm hoping to be able to make the walk as well (it's really close, just down a zillion steps from my apartment)

Wishing us all to hear good news.


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I was thinking of you when I put up the post. Please know that I will be doing my own prayer here- I pray for many things, but I will try to remember to add a special prayer at 6pm!! Though there is a time difference-? 6hours

Please take care-

And yes that was a miracle indeed!!

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Guest Julia59

My son has two friends over in Beirut, A young woman who works with him went there to visit her family, and another guy who also works with him. The girl is on her way back to the US---and has quite a story to tell. she is really a very nice person---as my husband and i have talked to her on several occasions.

The guy is staying in the outskirts of Beirut---and can see the bombings from his porch.

The middle East sure is a wreck----I feel so bad for all those families who have been affected, and are still being affect each day.

Julie :0)

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hi Heather

Sort of...2 of my girls went. Apparently there were 10 busloads of people from the north there. My daughter's youth group greeted them with refreshments.

As for me, I don't do well in the evenings. BUT, there's a place at the top of the staircase from which I can see the Western Wall if I sit down. I go there very often to pray because 178 steps is just too much for me! I managed to get there yesterday.

(I know I probably look kind of strange sitting at the top of a staircase, but it's the best I can do for now, so let people think what they want! Someone once stopped and asked me if I had a place for dinner! :) )


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I worry about you so much too and your safety!

I like your story about sitting atop the steps with a view of the wall to pray. I think it's perfect. In a way, you have your own little 'spot' that you have made sacred.

Yes, I don't know about 178 stairs more or less 10!

You're always in my thoughts, as is the safety of you and your family.

I am also waiting to hear your Lyme news...


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thanks again everyone

I'm fine here in Jerusalem, the fighting is north and south, and we're kind of central. OK, Israel is about the size of New Jersey...

There's this amazing couple in my neighborhood who always think of everyone...Since I've gotten obviously sick 4 years ago, they have sent me flowers and cake (and sometimes meals if I'm really not well) EVERY single week. For four years.

Anyway, they bought tons of cakes and other treats and made an assembly line of tables in the central square of our small neighborhood, and packed hundreds of care packages for the soldiers, just to let them know someone loves them and cares for them.

Wish I could help. Hopefully my teenage daughter will be able to make it in my place.

thanks for your wishes


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