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Tightness In Chest

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Today all day I experienced tightness in my chest. I feel a constant pressure on my upper chest with almost an achey feeling (no stabbing pains just an all over pressure/ache).

Do any of your experience this? I was wondering if it's just a typical POTS symptom? (even though it's new for me)

I get short of breath fairly often but it's usually not accompanied by the tightness and ache.

Do any of you know why this happens??



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Constant pressure on the chest would be a concern to me. I notice you listed congenital heart disease. Perhaps you should see someone to get it checked out just to be sure.

I get chest pain once in a while but I have it checked out right away if it is something new.

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When I get this, it usually means my esophagus is irritated. I have GERD (reflux) and a hiatal hernia and I tend to get this fairly frequently when my medicine is not working as good as it can (for reflux) or I ate a food that I know irritates me.

If you do not know what is causing your symptom ask a doctor to check it out.

I'm not sure if this is a POTS symptom per se.

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Hello lalalisa .

I would get yourself checked out as soon as you can.

I get angina ...........tightness of chest , pick axe feeling in the middle of my back, greyness of skin, sweats and pain in the chest that makes me wish someone would knock me out.

As well as this my oxygen level falls and I get short breathed.

Its not a nice thing to have happen to anyone, mine started with tightness and short breathlessness about 30 years ago and was never sorted !!!!

So you get yourself to the Doc's girl , better safe then sorry I say , you dont have anything to loose by doing it, more to loose if you dont !!!

Take care in the meantime and rest ................Willows.

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hey funny you should write this. the past 3 days i have had severe chest pain.....and have just woke up with it again....it was so bad saturday i actually did an ekg on myself (i work in cardiology).....ekg looked okay.....i am wondering if it's the heat/humidity that does it to us??

you should go get evaluated by the E.D.

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