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This is a common line of treatment and the SSRI's are believed by ANS researchers to help stabilize the central nervous system, which in-turn, helps to bolster the ANS.

The side effects are the same for us as they are for the general population. YOu can look them up doing a google search at http://www.google.com and search terms "SSRI side effects"


You can read about SSRI's and how/why they're used for POTS/NCS, etc. on the main DINET site, under "what helps". http://www.dinet.org

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Okay, I am gonna be the broken record this time....

SSRIs are a VERY commone topic of discussion on this board. Many people have tried them or are currently taking them.

This is a good example of when the archives come in super-duper handy...

Try searching for the names of the specific anti-depressants you are interested in trying: You will find topics with them in the TITLE (rather then pouring through any post that mentions it). Or type in to the topic title search anti-depressants or SSRIs.

Hope this helps you to find some of the information you are searching for. We are all different...and have had a wide range of experiences with each particular SSRI, particular doses, and positive/negative effects.

I do NOT want to sound cold, but this is why Nina posted about using the search function...so many of us are down for the count right now that you may not get the information you are looking for in response to your post, but there is a TON of information available in the archives.

Welcome to the board!


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I been on many of SSRI's. The thing with these drug it they do take a while to work, and it make take a few trys to find the right one. But they can help alot!

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Welcome and as stated, this has been discussed many times in the few months that I have been on. I believe there have been postings in the past week as well.

I consider myself a fairly new member and it is a learning process to get the information we are looking for. I am still learning how to use and find all the information on this board. It is wondeful to have the experienced members here to guide us!! When in doubt, just put a shout out and someone will respond :D

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I have tried SSRI's (prozac, zoloft, and the latest, cymbalta). I don't think I posted about my experience with them before. Just wanted to add that I had a *horrible* time on them. Seemed to trigger adrenalin surges in me that just could not be stopped without chemical intervention. Cymbalta was the worst for me. I think I was hallucinating, I felt a terrific adrenalin storm and super funky weird.

But to each, his/her own. Their half-life is not terribly terribly long, so you can always stop taking them and begin the recovery from them if need be.

Good luck! and welcome to the board!



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I have posted about ssri also. I started lexapro. I had a terrible time with even 5mg.I was getting lots of surges on and off of it. I take 2.5mg...my Dr. even gave me a script for the liquid. He says if the infantile dose works...take it!... I think it has helped a bit. Who knows I may even be able to go up on the dose.

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