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Dilated Aortic Root

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My conundrum is that I have a dilated aortic root due to a yet to be diagnosed genetic connective tissue disorder (most likely EDS Type II), and the standard practice is to prescribe beta blockers to slow any progression and reduce risk of dissection, but I also have POTS which benefits from vasoconstriction, high salt intake, and other things that raise BP. I have also battled anxiety over the years and I've heard concerns linking beta blockers to anxiety.

My cardiologist at a top clinic told me he has never seen this combination and he suggests low dose beta blockers to start. (20 mg daily)

Has anyone else been in this situation--proverbial rock and a hard place? I have not started the medication yet, but the prescription has been filled. Your perspectives/experiences would really help.



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Hi Joe,

I take a beta blocker and I have POTS & EDS. Although it is a vasodilator and this would seem contradictory, the beta blocker helps my POTS symptoms tremendously.

As for beta blockers causing anxiety, I have not personally experienced this. Some actors actually take beta blockers before they perform to reduce anxiety.


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