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Sore Throat


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Hi guys,

Just curious if there are any at home remedies for a sore throat? I know you can do the salt water gargle...Does anyone know how much salt you are supposed to put in a glass?

Any other suggestions appreciated! :)

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If you are going to do the salt water gargle, which I whip up for my daughters periodically, try mixing 1 tsp of salt (table salt) with a 5 oz glass of luke warm water (not hot, not cold water).

We also keep lozenges on hand. They sort of numb the throat for a while. It really depends on why you have a sore throat though.... is it due to sinus (allergies) or dry air or the onset of a cold?

Another helpful home remedy is to stir a teaspoon of honey into warm water.... sort of like sipping honey water/tea. That works well too!

Good luck to you!

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Not sure why you have a sore throat is it illness, exhaustion or stomach related?

I use to have constant sore throats until they put me on Pepcid for my GERD, oh what a relief. Now I have stepped up to Protonix, so much better.

I also get sore throats when I'm extemely exhausted, had one yesterday. Sleep works for those kind :D

take care

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I give my kids an Herbal tea "Throat Coat", made from slippery elm bark. It tastes awful, but gives real bonafide relief from sore throats as evidenced by the fact that they are willing to drink it.

I can tell if they are really sick or just trying to get out of going to school by telling them I'll make them a cup of Throat Coat-they'll only drink it if they really hurt!

The brand I use is put out by Tradional Medicinals.

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Guest tearose

I would try the 1tsp of salt in warm water throat gargle first.

Then, I would drink any warm/hot beverage and if needed take one tylenol.

Then I would try some soup.

Another soothing liquid is hot water with lemon juice and either sugar or honey.

Then I would wonder if I had slept with my mouth open or if I was ill, maybe take a cough drop or syrup.

Then, if I still felt sore...maybe one ounce of Amaretto in some herbal Bigelow fruit and almond tea... ;) then for sure I would feel better! :)

Hope you feel better today!


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Guest Julia59

If the sore throat persits more then a couple days---You should get a culture---(but you probably already knew that-- ;) ).

Otherwise all these suggestions given sound like they would do the trick.

Julie :0)

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