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I have fantastic news!!!!


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I have the BEST news today!! I went for a routine follow up with my cardiologist, who diagnosed and has been treating me for POTS since the beginning. He had asked me a few months ago if I would be interested in working for him, and of course I was ecstatic. Well, today he officially offered me the job!! They are building a new office, which will be done by the end of November, and he wants me to start in January, after the Holidays. I am so excited to be working for my POTS doctor!!

The BEST news is that my job title is going to be POTS Coordinator. He feels that I have really studied this disorder a lot, and he wants me to help conduct research and organize lectures and support groups in our area- he currently treats over 1000 patients, and just hasn't had the time with his hectic schedule to do these things. He is interested in doing some publications and in-depth research, and I will be in charge of coordinating everything, as well as basic admin responsibilites. This is such a breakthrough for me, I feel like I can finally do something to help my own cause!!

I haven't worked in 2 years, and this will be a perfect to start- only 15-20 hours per week- and who better to start with than the very doc who has helped me so much?!! I'm sure no other emplyer would be as understanding about my need for frequent breaks, part time work, etc . . . I just hope I can handle working again, especially now that I've got Ethan at home to take care of.

I just wanted to share a POSITIVE experience with everyone = )

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:( congrats Jess! That's great news... and I hope that you end up loving the job and are able to keep up with the pace...

When I returned to work after being out for a year, the first few months were very difficult. I was exhausted every day. However, each month it got a bit better. Working still leaves me pretty wiped out every day, but I'm able to plug along; I suppose that being unable to work gave me a new level of motivation to push through the exhaustion and keep it up.

Hope you can do the same! Nina

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Good Luck and I am so happy that you are getting a chance to work with your condition hands on. That is just wonderful and exciting. When I returned to work I started out slowly and worked my way up. I now work Mon-Fri and it feels so good to be back on track again. Don't get me wrong I do get very fatigued at points but I manage as best as I can. Congrats and keep us updated.

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Awesome! I live in your neck of the woods and would love to see this doc someday! I fired my PCP a couple of weeks ago for giving up on me ;) . Good luck with the job and e-mail me with more info about the practice so I can sign up! Best,


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