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Dissolvable Stitches


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I've had a look about the web and cannot find any real answer to my question , so I thought I'd ask the site if anyone knows.

I had my 16 or 17 lump removed last Wednesday from just underneath my right eye brow ( size of a small marble ) I was told that I had dissolvable stitches on the outside ............tiny, tiny little stitches ( scar about 1 to 1 1/2 inches long ) all up the scar line with a piece of white fibre at each end.

Well this scar is now feeling very tight and rather sore. The pieces of white thick cottony line sticking out of the end of it are still firmly in place and dont appear to be going anywhere.

I always thought that dissolvable stitches started to fall out at about 7 to 10 days ??? if this is so I'm now 11 days post-op and not a sign of even the smallest stitch 'shifting' .

Any ideas if my timings are right or should they have fallen out by now ?

I cant call the surgeon as in the UK you just cant !!! :)

Thanks all Willows.

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Actually, they can take 17 - 20 days to dissolve. I remember one patient from back when I was still a nurse in the "working world".... her stitches hadn't dissolved after 3 weeks and she came back in to have them removed. It turned out she had been so careful about keeping them dry that they didn't have enough moisture to dissolve! :)

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I have found through my experience that sometimes the ends need to be snipped off (by a doctor of course). Your incision isn't red and inflamed as in infection? I am curious as to why in the UK you don't have followup with the doctor a week or so after the surgery to be sure all is healing well. Hope your stitches resolve/dissolve quickly.


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Ah ................now thats may be the problems , thanks goldicedance.

I have been keeping the area dry , because I was told to , but may be because I get so hot , and I have been complaining to my hubby how dry my whole face felt .............well that could be the answer.

As for a follow up 7-10 days after the op Dawg tired , nope haven't got to go back at all.

I know the sites not infected , just so tight, but then I can remember this happening now with the last but two lumps I had removed ( one on my right side) that was so tight I felt like I was wearing a bra two sizes to small until the 'gave way'.

Thanks for your replies , Ill'' watch and wait now .


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