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I am going to see a hematologist on Monday. I saw her back in 2003 right after I was diagnosed with POTS and she diagnosed me with Iron Deficiency Anemia after a very painful bone marrow biopsy. I'm fairly certain I have it under control but blood work will tell.

The reason I am going back to see her is that my cardiologist and I discussed having me test for low blood volume and the idea of Procrit. I recall trying to explain POTS to her when I was diagnosed and I think she got the overall idea of it. I'm just curious if anyone knows of any good articles showing how Procrit helps POTS patients or any easy way of explaining it to her.

If I still have iron deficiency anemia I will probably get the injections. She wanted to do it back in 2003 because I literally couldn't stomach the pills. However, she wasn't sure how I would respond with my BP and HR typically being all over the place. My old cardiologist at the time didn't have a clue so that was no help. We decided to not go ahead with it at that time to not make anything worse for me. I was advised to take birth control pills to stop my period and I'm hoping that has made a difference. My current cardiologist said he would oversee everything if she thought it was necessary for injections to help me feel better.

Considering I live in Florida and remain white as a sheet, something has got to be going on! :rolleyes:

Anyway, any input or ways to explain POTS and Procrit would be appreciated.

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Procrit/Epogen has changed my life for the better. There hasn't been much research done on it so there aren't really any articles that will benefit you here. But think of this, many of the pills that they shove at us haven't been documented in research either, they are just easy fixes to the symptoms. Epogen will increase your red blood cells helping with anemia. It also helps with severe fatigue.

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