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Really Need Advice On This Functional Exam I Took Yesterday

Guest Julia59

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Hello Jualia59,

I'm so sorry you have had a bad time with the SSDI .

We have a different sort of examination in the UK bit its still rather daunting to say the least, what I cannot understand is why in the USA you are expected to pick up objects and move them around ??? its crazy to me!

I also 'hide' my symptoms well and at times if you met me in the street you would think there is nothing wrong with me, even when I know I'm 'going down ' ( about to hit the floor ) I will try my hardest to get a seat and make out I'm OK.

I hate people knowing I'm ill , its a case of 'self preservation' I'm sure we all do it .

But If there is one thing I have learned over the past 30 + years with this condition and that is .............dont cover up for the doctor, consultant or DHSS because if you do your just making a rod for your own back ( UK saying for making it worse).

I do hope that they sort you out soon, I've just manged to get another 3 years of UK DHSS but I was 100 % truthful with them even down to wetting myself and some other 'not so nice things' !!!

Good luck with your claim and I do hope that your Doctor speaks up for you, as a doctor fighting cause

is everything .


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Julie hi.. I dont know anyhting about the finctional exam you had to do .. i've never been thru one..

But i wanted to pop in and say hi.. and I know things are hard right now..wish there where something that i could do!

Wanted to send you some Big gentle hugs...


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I'm so sorry things are becoming overwhelming. I too am very self-conscious of my illness, and try to hide it. Sometimes it works to my benefit...but most of the time it doesn't and I just make things worse for myself.

I really hope the SSDI goes through, and that you start to feel better soon!



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I wish there was something I could say or do to help you through this difficult time.

Maybe what those "professionals" should do during a functional test is to conduct the test and then follow the patient home and do a REAL observation on them over the next 24 hours or so. That should provide them with the TRUE functionality of the individual.

Our great ability to hide symptoms or mask them (as much as we try), only end up making it worse on us than if we didn't try in the first place. Having an invisible health issue is at times more difficult than not. We look "normal", so how is it possible that we have so many limitations and problems?

I have to get my SSDI application started myself, and dread all the evaluations and what have you I'll go through in the process.

I hope you get the SSDI approval you are looking for and find that you were worried about it for nothing.

I'll be thinking positively for you! :)



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