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Pots And Weight Loss


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Just a quick question about weight loss...

How many of those with POTS have noticed mild or severe weight loss?

I have been the same weight for years, even when I was diagnosed with POTS. It seems, however, in the past few months, I have experienced slight unintentional weight loss. It's not that im wasting away (and I'm not complaining, either), but it just occured to me that for almost the first year of POTS (and years prior to POTS), my weight had not changed.

I have lost a little less than 10 pounds, so it seems insignificant to call the doctor. My diet has not changed other than I have been eating smaller, MORE frequent meals. I've also noticed I lose my appetite every once in a while. Exercise hasn't increased, either.

So perhaps this weight loss is an effect of [raised] metabolism due to eating more often?

Again, it's just curiousity. I think if I surpass 15 or 20 pounds, technically it becomes a concern.

Thanks for any opinions@

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Welcome to the forum, I think I missed your other posts! :) At first my weight was at 123lbs and I am 5'8" so I was looking very skinny. Now my weight has gone up to 150lbs...I've never weighed this before, so I'm guessing due to the fatigue and inability to do as much physically as I did before, the weight just started to add up...


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Hello and Welcome!

Many of us have lost weight due to POTS (I think it can go either way though - gain/loss). For me I think muscle loss has played a substantial part. I also, like you, have times (weeks) where my appetite just leaves completely...I then force myself to eat and I eat high calorie things during this time so I don't lose any more weight. I have recently started exercising again so I'm wondering how this will affect things.

You are not alone in this,


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Guest dionna

eating smaller more frequent meals does cause your metabolism to increase and certain foods you eat can also cause your metabolism to increase. you burn more calories to digest some foods such as salsa, grapes, and other greens and fruits, than there are calories in that food item. so in a way you burn calories just by eating. cause you burn more than you put in. do you get what i am saying, or was that unclear? i just can't think of a better way to describe it right now. so maybe some of that applies to you. just a thought, not saying i am exactly right, but... just an idea to consider.

dionna :)

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i am 5'8' and at 125. i have always been thin though. i would LOVE to gain weight, i just think with the auto dys and tachy and high epi levels, it makes it very hard to gain weight because my metabolic rate is cranked.....

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I initially lost close to 30 pounds when I got sick. However, I've been putting the weight back on over the past few months (mostly due to the fact that my sweet-tooth has retruned with a vengance). I know most people with POTS have problems with weight in one fashion or another, either they're losing too much or gaining too much.

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