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Someone posted their doctor's recipe for a salt-replacement drink a few days ago. I've been adjusting it over the past few days. I think the original was

1/2 tsp of salt

1/2 tsp of potassium chloride (salt substitute)

1/2 tsp of baking soda

4 T of sugar

Lemon juice or other flavoring, to taste

The result tastes a little like "bowel prep," for any of you who have had a colonoscopy. Also, I don't think I need that much sugar.

The first thing I did was substitute Gatorade powder for some of the sugar. Then I cut it down to 1 T of gatorade powder, no extra sugar. This morning, I tried 1 T of sugar but added some licorice extract (with the glycyrrhizin, which is the active ingredient we need)--but no Gatorade powder.

Not exactly a taste sensation, but drinkable.

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Just curious as to how baking soda helps POTS? :)

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Guest dionna

i took part of your recipe and i am makin my own type of drink (based on what i already have in my kitchen) that i am going to try out in addition to the new diet i am trying out. thank you for the recipe.

dionna :D

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I'm not sure why the recipe calls for three different salts: salt, baking soda, potassium chloride?

Baking soda is a palatable way for me to get extra salt in my diet without the nasty taste of plain salt.

I found this out by accident when I used the baking soda for heartburn and found that I was feeling a bit better because of the increased salt.

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