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The Chills And Shakes

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hi... well its quite hot and humid where i'm at today its roughly 90 degree's outside and very humid and just plain icky .

Well I am not sweating like at all.. but I'm am seriously overheated and my hands and feet especially feel as though they are on fire.. I'm very overheated...

But at the same time I'm getting the chills really bad.. like internal chills and shaking... and my jaw/chin are shaking like mad.. like i'm frezzing cold.. but am not.. and its making me very very nauseated.. and extremely dizzy..

do you guys get the chills when you are over heated and are not sweating?

I had to go out and pick up my bb's. and i almost passed out walking down the sidewalk.. so not cool!

I'm about ready to hop in my wheelchair and go down to the lake and jump in to cool down! YUCK I dont like summer!

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Hi Dizzy,

Now that is something I have regardless of the weather. It is hot and humid here also, about 90 but I can feel like this in the a/c too.

I don't have to be outside so I can't say it happens because I am outside. My hands and feet sweat and my jaw/teeth chatter. I can get that several times a day. I usually get tachy with it also.

BUT, if it does get chilly while I am outside, you would think I was freezing to death, I really start to shake and chatter. :)

Sorry I don't have anything better to offer, but to say I hear ya, and you are not alone.

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Those are the symptoms I have been getting at night.

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