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Living In Bed And A Recliner


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Anyone else feel like their whole life is seen from the eyes of your bed or reclining chair? I've had this stuff for six years now, but since September, it flared severely and have been barely making it through each day. Almost all of my day I lay in our recliner watching my toddler and save up enough strength to get up periodically as she needs me. She's into climbing now, so today I had to keep getting up from my recliner to help her not fall off whatever she was busy climbing on, and then there's all the other things.. changing diapers, more milk or juice, food, etc. and so often I'm so weak and nauseous, we just sit on the floor together for her to eat! I'm teaching her terrible habits do to my limitations, it just is so frustrating. I feel like I just can't do this and at times, I just want to cry, but crying makes me feel worse too, so it's not worth the tears to have heavy chest feeling, SOB, and adrenaline rushes afterwards! So that's why I'm venting here :) I can't even have emotions with this stupid illness. At times, I have seen God work in my life in so many ways and how He continues to take care of me (my neice does laundry each week and the vacuuming as these are impossible tasks for me right now), which I thank God for, but I still would love to be healthy and praising God in other ways besides my prayers in bed. Sorry to keep ranting on, I'm just feeling really sad right now :)

Thanks for listening.

God bless,


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Yes, I do everything in a recliner or in bed...I am completely homebound. I eat dinner in the recliner, etc...and it is very frustrating. There are only so many things you can do from those positions, esp. with my neck pain.

Your child will learn to understand that mommy is not being lazy...you are not teaching her bad habits, you are just accommodating to the life you have been given as best you can. You are with her, and that is what matters. (I'm not a mom, but the light in your eyes for her mattters most...I AM a daughter!).

Also, you are right about crying...it causes me the same problems, as do happy emotions! It is incredibly frustrating!

I am very, very limited in my activities...and I HEAR you. I could not even keep up with as much as you do for your toddler. I'm 30 and need MY mommy to take care of me! :)

Your post really spoke to me...



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I hear you, too!!! I have two little girls, 8 and 5, that are home all day for summer break. The heat really does me in, as does the brightness of the sun here in "Sunny Colorado" (why do I have to live in the sunniest place in America??? Over 325 sunny days a year....humbug!!!). Of course, they want to be outside, but I can't spend too much time out there or I pay for it for days!!! Everyday of their lives, they see Mommy having to take a nap just because I took a shower!!! Great example I'm setting, too!!

I feel so overwhelmingly guilty about the fact that my whole family has had to adjust their lives "down" to my ability level. My husband used to be an ER trauma nurse, so he does understand illness. Both of our Mother's have MS, so we both understand if from the child's point of view, too. It's really hard, however, to make my little ones understand that I'm different than other Mommies and not because I love them less, but because I'm ill. I've been ill since before they were even born, but I flared really badly last year and am just now starting to get some strength back. I've always just pushed through that pain, fatigue, SOB, whatever (until I would hit the brick wall, which of course, I always hit HARD!!!). Then I'd be hospitalized or just down for the count for weeks or months on end. They (my kids) had gotten used to that cycle, but this....this is different. I've been down for the count for thirteen months now. My children have both had two birthday parties since I got sick........they've both been neglected and abandoned by me. Thanks to my illness............. :) I try to be a good Mom, but there are days when my mood is horrible. My patience is nill. My fatigue takes over and I just want to curl up and die. Today is one of those days. I just screamed at my 8 year old for something that I've addressed with her a thousand times, that she can't quit doing. (She has Asperger Syndrome, a form of Autism) I know that she can't quit doing it, but for goodness sakes, there are days when I just can't take it anymore.

Anyway, sorry Tammy, I didn't mean to rant myself, but I just know that pain and grief of feeling like you're missing out on your own life and worrying about the impact that you're having on your child's. It ***** and when you figure it all out, please.......let me know!!! LOL

You're not alone. You have support, even if it's just from here. We all love you and know that you're doing the best that you can right now.

Good luck on your journey!!!


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I know the feeling my recliner is like my best friend anymore. And next to the recliner is my oxygen. I also know the feeling I have a 4 year old son full of energy. We have made a room in our house just to try to keep me busy. I have my recliner, oxygen, at TV, and two long 8 foot tables that I have all my craft stuff on, so my son, and I can do things together. Then also my husband has all of his rockets in there so he can work on what he likes but can talk to me so I feel more normal. I am trying to learn to try to live as noraml as possable, and yet be able to meet my needs.

Just know anytime you need to vent we are all here for you! :)

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