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Anyone Ever Go To An Independent Functional Capacity Exam?

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

Has anyone ever gone for an independent functional capacity exam? In other words---I set this appointment myself.

Can you tell me what to expect?

With POTS our days can be good one day and bad the next---or even good one minute and bad the next minute. I've had a lot of problems all over my body lately---not just the usual POTS stuff, but spine, and EDs related stuff also. But there are time that I can fold a basket of laundy, cook dinner ect. Not all in one day, but if I space things out I may accomplish quite a bit on a good day.

On a bad day I still force myself to move about, but I don't fair well, I just do it to keep myself from becoming deconditioned. I rest the majority of the time, but take a walk around the house---go on the computer----feed the dog---something real simple, but something to get me off the couch.

There are days it's difficult to hold me head up---or I find it overwhelming to get my medical records in order, or use my mind to do anything challanging.

I will be going to a PT/rehab dept. for the exam---It takes about two hours...........

Thanks for any help in advance........... :)

Julie :0)

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I went to something along the same lines. It cost a fortune, so make sure you know how much up front.

It took about 3-4 hours and I did written and some physical stuff, more like manual dexterity and stuff. Did really awful on that one. 3%, OMG, it was humiliating.

But I felt overall the test told me a lot. Good luck, and at the time I wasn't having pots symptoms that could even be easily recognized and they got a lot of info. morgan

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