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Sooooo Sick

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Hi all....I'm complaining, but also have some questions.. :)

I had a party Saturday, everything seemed to be going fine. It was calm, and I was sitting alot.

But I ended up getting a major migraine!!!One that just kept getting worse. Had an ice pack and was drinking water.

I couldn't keep anything down and my head was way past horrible. I did try to keep water in me, but wasn't able to. Finally I was able to fall asleep enough to get the migraine and nausea to a tolorable level.

So I ate a little bit of Jello...held it down for 1hour so had some soup. Then went to bed feeling better.

I woke up this morning feeling very weak and nausea was making me worried. Anyway, I still feel weak, but I'm better for the most part.

My question is why would some days I'm fine with parties,and other times I'm not? Do you have any idea as to what is triggering these symptoms?

What would make you go to the hospital? Would you wait untill you became dehydrated? I was told not to go to the ER for migraines, but with the vomiting as bad as it was what do you do?

Then of course the other issues of health (I'm sure they play a part) but without Dx I wouldn't know how to explain anything.

Thanks for any help or shared thoughts,


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Have you tried any meds for the hedaches? One thing I have found is I try to stay away from the hospital also, but if you are in that much pain I would go. Last week I ended up in the hospital. I was givein a IV and pain meds, and meds to calm down my stomach. It was worth it to stop feeling the pain. Also I am not sure but on friday I was in alot of pain and I called my doctor office and they had me just come up and get a pain shot. I am also in phyical therapy right now. I have found it helps to go, but then the next day I am still getting the headaces, but it is helping when I go in.

I would talk to your doctor and see what you can do to help when you grt them. I hope you start feeling better soon!

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I agree with the others. You need to have a plan to deal with migraines. There are a lot of pretty good migraine meds out there--zomig, imitrex, maxalt, etc. Maxalt works the best for me. Besides migraine med, I would recommend that you have a anti-nausea medication as well as pain medication on hand--such as percocet, tramodol, etc.

I have learned the hard way that you have to treat a migraine from its outset. The longer you wait, the worse it gets. My headache specialist (a neurologist) gave me a whole "game plan" to use if I get a stubborn migraine. For example, if one dose of maxalt doesn't work in 2 hours, then double the maxalt. By the end of day 2 after using maxalt a few times and then DHE, then go to the hospital.

The most important thing is just to treat the migraine at its outset!!!!

Good luck!

Goldicedance, the Queen of Migraines

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Hi Amber,

If you are having migraines often then you may want to speak with your doctor about preventative medication to keep them at bay or at least lessen them as much as possible. There are many medications out there for migraines. At far as the ER, I don't understand why someone would tell you not to go to the ER....if you are unable to get rid of the migraine and you are vomiting and cannot stop especially to the point of dehydration, I would go. They can give you something there to abort the migraine (if you can take Imitrex) and/or give you something else to help also fluids.

There are triggers for migraines for most people who suffer from them, you just need to find out what seems to trigger the migraines for you that will also help.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

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Hi.. Many trips to the e.r. for me, the dehydration and headaches always go together.. And usually I am given some pain medicine thru the iv.. although now..thankfully, I have a mediport.. YEah~~~.. lol.. Anyway..I keep anti-nausea medicine always at home along with some prescription pain med..

hugs take care,


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Hi and Thanks

I'm doing a little better....no more vomiting so I will live. I feel another Migraine coming on today.... :)

I don't have insurance, but when I did the insurance wouldn't cover the ER for migraines, said it wasn't an emergancy. But if you became dehydrated I would think that would be different.

I did take Imitrex and I found it helpful....I was having conflicting treatment with the Cardio and Nero so I'm so confused. The Nero said it was rebound headaches and the Cardio said it was my blood pressure with the POTS symptoms? The meds the Nero had me on made me feel worse, or didn't help at all. But the Cardio put me on Topral XL and it helped with the migraines. He did tell me though that he perscibed me them for the heartrate and not the migraines, but also said that it could help with the migrianes.

So now I haven't been on insurance for 7months, but will have it next month if all works well.

I'm afraid to take OTC meds, one because of the rebound headaches and two because it usually doesn't help when I do take them.

So now I'm suffering with really bad pain at least once a week!!! And for the life of me I can't figure out all the triggers! I have thought about going to the ER, but the no insurance holds me back (mainly cause my husband would flip) but he did tell me that, if it was that bad ,then I had to do what I had to do.

Thanks for you support,


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Guest dionna

i go to the er if my migraine is really bad... because i too am usually nauseated really bad and all that eventually leads to fainting. usually they give me fluids so i don't become any more dehydrated and i get a shot of phenogrin. it knocks my migraines out in minutes! and it is for nausea to begin with so... killing to birds with one stone. don't ever wait until you are already dehydrated! that is one of the worst things you can do to your body and it makes you even weaker and harder for a "stick", not to mention all the stress it puts on all your organs. especially your heart. talk about the tachy. the corpsman that always worked on me just always said i was dehydrated because of so much tachy but i wasn't really dehydrated. then one day i got a 24hour stomach virus and yeah... i was definately dehydrated then and completely empty. my heartrate was over 200 laying down! that could have eventually hurt me really bad. so do go to the doctor please.

the only thing i can about why somedays are okay to party and others not... we have good days and bad days. just depends on what day the party falls on. i wish you luck and i hope at your next party you will be able to participate more.

dionna :)

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I actually have a really bad migraine today so I can only take a moment. I feel your pain. I've been getting migrianes 2/3 x a week for a few weeks now. My doc just prescribed Toprol. I hope it works. I don't know my triggers either so I think it's a POTS thing.

Good luck I hope you can find something that helps you. I let you know if I ever figure these out!!!!

Hang in there

Sunglasses in the house and an ice pack help alittle


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Hi Amber :)

I don't know why this happens either :(

Sometimes (not too often) We will go out to friends and I feel fine and have a great time (with limitations)

Othertimes, I am completely wiped out just trying to get ready to go out :)

You can always find me at a get-together.....I'm the one sitting down in the most comfortable chair with salty chips/peanuts close to the nearest bathroom :P

I still try to get out and socialize both for me and my husband but I never really feel like it. However, once I get there I am usually glad I did.

I think getting the migraine treated early is important especially if you can't keep anything down. That is only going to bring on more symptoms that are harder and will take longer to bring back under control.


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Thanks for all your replies. I don't know what I would do without all of your support!

Saturday really wiped me out, I'm still feeling the affects. Granted I can handle them now and I don't feel as though I'm on deaths door. I think it would be much easier if I didn't feel like a total idiot about this illness! But that's a whole nother issue.

Thanks again,


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