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Ssdi And Chronic Illness---pots

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

I was wondering what some of you who are already collecting SSDI are able to do physically---i.e.------------------------> housework


social outings

yard work ect.

Julie :0)

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hi julie

as far as yard work goes..(when I ddint live in my aprt building).. I never have been able to handle caring for a yard.. somebody has always had to.. I was fortunate enough that the land lord would mow the yarn during good weather.. and a neighboir guy would rake my yarn free of leaves.. and my boyfriend and dad would shovel me a path to the driveway.

I tried shoveling a few winters back.. and it set me off into sever tachy mode.. and i almost fainted.. YUCKY

as far as housework goes.. i get done what i can get done when I'm feeling good enought o do it.. when it comes to using cleaning products.. cant do it..

I'm filing for some an aide to come into the house and help with the heavy cleaning.

soical outings are few and far between.. and errands.. 90% of the time I need some help there..

BUt I try to do as much as i can.. or that my body will aloow me to do. basically things dont get done very fast if i dont have help getting things done.

if you yourself are ahving to fill out a fuinctional report for ssi..be honest on how hard it is for you to get thigns done.. and that you depend help to get the simplest activities of daily living done.

and that even if you are able to do them on your own, that you do indeed pay health wise later on for pushing yourself to do it.

basically on a day to day basis my functioning is limited.. but i can still do a few things on my own.. like bath.. though not as often as i'd like at times, i can pop a healthy choice meal in the microwave if i have the desire to eat..it depends on the day.. and that will determine how functional i am..

on a really good day.. I try to cook a good meal.. some thing that i can reheat in the microwave for the days that arent so good.. I also on those days can make it out IN my wheelcahir to a counseling appointment or to the grocerystore as long as I am quick in and out.

and again am in my chair..but i only get to counseling appointments on the avergae of every 3-6 weeks! and walmart on the avergae of once a week.. and ig o late in afternoon to counseling at in the middle of the night to walmart!

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I don't do any yard work.

Hubby has to scoop the cat's litter box and feed kitty - bending over to get a cup of cat food and putting it in the bowl sends me into a dizzy spell.

Someone has to come in and vacuum and mop for me.

We live on TV dinners - but if I am up to cooking I try to make enough that we can freeze/microwave later.

I get out once a week to church.

Today, after church we will be going to Branson for an overnight trip - we will go directly to the motel, take a nap, go to a show, back to the motel for a nap, in the morning - when I will sleep as long as possible - we will go eat then come home. It will take me a week or so to recover from it.

I have no garden this year - hubby planted a couple of tomato plants but I cannot even drag a hose around to water them.

I only get a bath 2-3 times a week - what a luxury daily showers would be!

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Guest Julia59

Thanks for the reply girls............. :o

I'm fairly better off as I can get most of the cleaning done except vaccum---mopping. I take a bath at night so if I need help I get it from my hubby. I wash my hair in the morning---and might get help from hubby there too---- :P Cleaning has to bee done carefully---in small increments.

Bending over is the worse for me---I avoid it at all costs---so hubby helps with things I can't do---vaccum, mop, cat litter, feeding cats and dog---but sometimes I get stuck with that if they run out---can't let them go without food.

Venturing out is really hard now---and I can't drive across town by myself very much at all anymore, but I can putt around my end of town. It's hard to go in to stores--post office ect. I can only do one at a time most of the time---and for only a few minutes---I sure hope that get's better.

Yard work is out for me---but I was able to sit this year and pot some annuals, my son put the others into the ground......... :angry:

I'm glad to have the amount of function I have, but there are time it saddens me that I can't have a little fun shopping----I'm having trouble with the whole wheel chair business---not psychologically ready yet.

I had a visit with Bev at Dr. Grubb's office this week----were going to try compression hose, and proamitine/small dose to see if that helps me be more functional. I didn't take my OI as serious as I should have----it was all about the fatigue with me---and I wasn't connecting it with the OI. I was connecting too much with my spinal issues---and the EDS.

Julie :0)

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