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Hi, everyone. Have any of you noticed I've not been around as much as usual? Hee, hee want to know what I've been up to??? I'm writing songs. Seriously. I am finally pursuing my lifelong dream of professional songwriting and it is so validating! I am having a blast and write almost everyday. I'm on MySpace (along with 90 million others!)and have lyrics posted. There is a local songwriter's group I have become associated with and we have monthly meetings and monthly performances. I have not performed yet but probably will next month (wish me luck!). I have a dozen or songs copyrighted (all written since Jan.) and another dozen or so to send off for copyrights over the next couple of weeks. Now, I just have to find a publisher but it will happen. This has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done- all these years of stinky health have made for some good writing and healing). Thought you all might be interested- I've been dying to tell you all :)

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WOW!! carmen!! that is very cool!!

I instatnly though when i read your post.. of the mom of 3( i think 3 kids..???? ) who wishes came true.. she has a few of her songs on Faith Hills new CD Fireflys.. and they were both on Oprah a few months back..

who knows maybe you will be the next on to be on Oprah! with a famous singer choosing your songs! that is very cool that you are pursuring your dream!




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Thanks for all the responses. To answer your questions: I write primarily country, my goal is to have my music recorded by major artists, I have my song lyrics on Myspace right now with the music to follow shortly. I have had extremely positive feedback (from other songwriters, publishers, etc.) so I am excited. If I get a publishing deal you can bet I will post the news here! But, it has been a ball and thank you all for sharing a little of this with me :)


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heya carmen -

sorry i'm late in responding, but i still wanted to add my support & cheers for your new ventures. i think it's awesome & would also love to see/hear some of your stuff. i'm way into just about any/all types of music. one of my friend's brothers is a singer/songwriter & one of his songs got picked up by one of the "big guys" a few years back; while he does okay on his own the risidual checks definitely don't hurt!

i wish you all the best, but regardless of where it goes it sounds like it's been a great thing for YOU, which is probably most important of all....

thanks for updating us & don't become a total stranger...

:) melissa

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How wonderful that you have found something that fills you with such joy. So many people here have nourished their creative sides and found it incredibly healing...

I say, if you are around here less b/c you are busy doing something that brings you such joy, go for it! :rolleyes:

And, keep us posted, of course!


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