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A Good Day

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Hi everyone

Just felt like posting tonight that I actually had a very good day. (interesting because the I felt horrible all weekend) I went for a SHORT jog this evening after it cooled down and actually did okay. I have not felt that good in awhile. I hope I did not overdo it but only time will tell. I felt a little like my old self. It is nice to have days that are symptom free once in awhile!


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I hope more good days come your way! :rolleyes:

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Guest dionna

that's awesome!

to the true definition- just thinking about a joke by bill engvall about how people over use the word awesome and not in its actual content! here's a few of the things he would call awesome...

being awesome would be like-

like winning the lottery... twice

getting a call from the irs and you got audated (sp because i have no idea) and they owe you $50,000

getting invited to the playboy mansion... on trampoline night.

shania twain being at his door wearing nothing but a fur coat and a note from his wife saying, "have fun"

i would say though that any good day that any of us have are AWESOME! and i'm sure others would agree.

dionna :)

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I am happy for you it is always great to have a good day. I hope you have more to come! :)


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