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Heartrate Question

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Hi all, hope the 4th was enjoyable!

Unfortunately I had another tachy attack, 120's lying down and lasted about an hour or so. Of course, the ekg reading was sinus tachy. It is good and bad. Good that it is just sinus tachy,,bad that we don't know hot stop it. That is where the ssri is coming in.

A question. When you wake from sleep or even from a nap, do you ever wake and notice your heart is beating fast? Does this happen like a startle reflex? Our brain kicking out excess adrenaline? I took an extra beta blocker and it wiped me out this afternoon. I napped for about 20min and when I woke my heart was beating fast. It calmed down in a few minutes. This stuff is so annoying!!

Is this just part of our nervous system being off kilter? Arrgh, I have to try to ride out these lexapro headaches and see if an ssri will work!

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I also get the hear beating out of my chest feeling when I wake up. Sometimes, I think that that's actually what woke me up in the first place. I'm wearing a looping monitor and I'm supposed to press the button, but I'm so out of it that it takes me a few minutes to be aware enough to press it.

I also find that when I get that way I sweat like crazy. Anybody else? It can be the dead of winter, here in Colorado and I'm sleeping with the ceiling fan going and burning up. (Unless of course, it's summer and I'm freezing, that happens, too!!! I took a nap this afternoon with a down comforter and still couldn't get warm enough to sleep!!!)

I'm hoping that some meds will help regulate my system and these things might not happen so much, but it sounds as if the meds can make some of this worse, no?

I'm still in search of a firm DX for goodness sake! Keep your fingers crossed for me, that all goes well on Monday and I get somewhere!!!

I didn't want you to think that you're a nutter or anything. I truly get that startled feeling, too.


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I actually just awoke from my midday at-my-desk nap with heart racing and shaky. I'm starting to find that I can tell when I'm going to have a bad day because, the night before, I'll be really hot and have trouble sleeping. I much much prefer the cold thing- it's more normal, and, while I may be tired, I'm not as sick. It seems that most people here hate the heat worse then the cold. Is that right?

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