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Inderal Or Betaxolol?


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hi all:)

has anyone had more success with betaxolol than with inderal?

i am on inderal now..and notice alot of you are on betaxolol, and do not see alot on inderal.

inderal brings my heart rate down....but then has a tendency to RAISE my blood pressure--of which....makes me incapacitated also.

still don't understand, how a beta blocker blood pressure med--can raise your blood pressure??????? :blink:

and here i am fending off low blood pressure...for years...w/tachy....and never have had high blood pressure.

anyways, this 'program' is not working---and would appreciate any feedback on any beta blocker experience---good and bad.

also-the way i eat.....should not be gaining weight --at all----but gained 8 ilbs since trying inderal :huh:


ARGHH-H--H-H--H--H--H-H-!! :)

THANKS SO MUCH...in advance....

keep on keeping on....all!

where would we all be without this group?

hate to think..... :wacko:

(((((((hugs to all)))))


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Hi Maggee-

I was on Inderal for 7 months, and while beta-blockers have always tended to help some of my symptoms, my new cardio switched me to betaxolol in March to help stabilize my BP and HR. Inderal works well for a little bit, but then drops off, and when it's time to take a new pill, things can get pretty erratic.

So now I'm on a low-dose betaxolol that keeps my BP from spiking all over the place while I continue the ProAmatine. I definitely prefer it to the Inderal.

I'm not familiar with the weight gain from it- at least MINE seems more to coincide with the steroids, birth control (not the pill), and not being able to work out anymore... but my weight's been pretty stable since I started either the Inderal or the betaxolol.

Hope you find something that helps!!!

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I've been trying to figure out which one of my medications has put on the pounds for me. I was quite happy with my weight a few years ago and disgusted by it now but weight gain happened before the Betaxolol switch.

Betaxolol has been great for me so far. I've been on it for a couple of years now and it gets my heart rate down nicely without a lot of side effects. I couldn't take Inderal.

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I was on Inderal (propranolol) for I think roughly a year or so.. and i worked my way up to a very high dose.. the max dose i think.(360mg a day).. while this med helped me for a short time until the dose no longer worked..

dr.grubb put me on Betaxolol in November.. and i must say that it helps me more then any BB that i have ever taken.. I was started on the max(40mg a day) dose which is about equivalent to the dose i was on above with propranolol...

Um I havnt noticed any weight gain with betaxolol...but it does make me quite sleepy..

I think it would be worth a shot to try.. I tend to have pretty high hr (over 200) and we have beent rying for years to finda bb that help and works.. and this does.. it keep the hr running between 60-120 for the most part..

also i've found that for a bit after taking the meds that it raises my bp a bit..

good luck hope that it helps you!

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my heartfelt thanks......to all of you that replied.....!!!!!

trying betaxolol tomorrow.....and feel hopeful it will be better than the inderal trip i've been on.

again---thanks for giving me some confidence and hope for some better days!!!!

((((hugs)))......to all of you, hoping tomorrow is 'a good one' for you.

best regards, and gratitude...


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Has anyone else noticed that each specialist seems to have his/her preferred BB that he/she prescribes all the time? :)

Good luck with the new one!!!

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