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Finally Getting To The Bottom Of My Head Pain!

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Went to the doctor today, and I think I finally have an answer for all my headaches/ Migraines. The doctor was talking to me and had my last two er visits, and said where does it hurt, I said the back or my neck where it meets the base of my skull always hurt and then it get worse, and it feels like my left eye, is going to pop out, and my left side of my head hurts. Doctor finally believes it has nothing to do with POTS, and that it is a totally different thing going on. What she believes is that I have a nerve pitch, and then due to the pain, and stress is causing the migraines, and that?s why it been months of me not getting better. So I am going to start physical therapy on Wed. for my neck, and then if it does get better she is sending me to Nero. So at least they are starting to move on all the pain I am in, and I am starting to feel a little hope again! So I am hoping this will help. Also I was able to restart my Procrit again today! ( The stopped it 3 weeks ago thinking it was causing the migraines, which all that has happen is things got worse after we stopped it. I am hoping I will get some energy back again.)YEAH!

I thought I would drop a line and say maybe I am finally getting to the bottom of everything and hopefully will finally start feeling better! Thanks for all the support along the way! You all are so awesome!

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