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Symptomatic...getting Worse At Night

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Hi guys,

It's getting late and I just don't feel good enough to fall asleep. Over the past few nights when I go to lay down my nausea gets worse, I get hot, but have goosebumps, get tachy even after taking BB, and I just feel over all lousy.

It's not hot out tonight or anything like that, so I don't know why I keep getting hot feelings throughout my body. I have a sore throat now, but most likely allergies or something like that. I don't have a temp. so I'm guessing it's not any type of viral infection,etc.

I wasn't feeling 100% today, lately the mornings have been worse than usual and the nights are getting pretty bad themselves...

Is anyone else having the same types of problems as I am???? I'm soo tired of feeling sick and it's not like I can even get to sleep to escape it. :wub:

Any suggestions for me???

A Very Fed Up Jacquie

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Hi Jacquie,

I feel like that also. Chills w/goosebumps then get hot. I thought allergies also. This weather though has been horrible. Between the rain and humidity, there has been no relief. It is hard to be comfortable at night and I can't afford to have the ac going all day nor do I really like it on all day either.

Today is better here, the humidity has broken a bit. Will see how long that lasts.

Feel better. :)

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jacquie -

forgive me if i've forgotten you answering this in the past, but have you ever had a gastric emptying study? just wondering b/c nausea seems to be a big issue for you....

sorry you're feeling so crummy,

:) melissa

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Hi Melissa,

I have never had a gastric emptying study..What exactly is that?

I felt so aweful at one point last night I took my BP and it was 86/45....I know other ppl on the board have had lower BP, no clue how they deal with it. I think I am going to have to skip the Metoprolol at night, even though it helps my palps. I see my cardio thurs. so who knows?!

Is there anything besides staying hydrated that helps these symptoms??

Thanks for the replies!

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when i feel nausea during the night i put the head side of my bed up a little, that often helps.

i also have low bp and low hr during the night but t doesn?t bother me very much , unless i have to get out a few times. hope you will feel better soon!

corina :)

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