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Prevacid 30mg

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My PCP decided to try Prevacid for me. I'm just wondering if anyone here has taken it before at that dose, or even smaller ones.

What was your experience???



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I have not tried Prevacid but I do take 40mg of Nexium daily. I have no adverse problems at all from it. It's actually the best med I've ever been on.

I was prescribed Prevacid as well but my pharmacy at work has a much better price on the Nexium. As far as I know they are basically the same and I was told by my pharmacist that they have different fillers and different salts. I'm not real sure what they meant by salts, be they claimed it was practically the same.


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Prevacid did absolutely nothing for my GI symptoms. Nexium gave me a terrible dry mouth and did not help me. It seems to me that they are throwing darts at me blindfolded because they don't know what to do. I hope you have better luck than I did with it. I works great for my husband, but he does have GERDS, not EDS, POTS.


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I've taken Prilosec for years, and now Nexium 40mg 2x a day. Both help me tremendously. I was tried on Prevacid, which did help with my gut stuff, but I'm allergic to it.


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I do not know what prevacid mg I tried, but it did not work for me at all.

Nexium 40 mg once a day partially worked.

Prilosec 40 mg once a day (very large dose) worked great but then I think I got a POTsy-type reaction from taking this dose. (I had quit taking it because of the stomach flu. Then when starting up again I got this reaction.)

Prilosec over-the counter 20 mg, used to work for years. Now, I get a feeling like an elephant is sitting on my stomach when I take it.

I don't know what I'm going to do now. It seems difficult to control the acid and reflux problems I have along with the gastritis.

I'm sort of subsisting on the nexium 40 mg/once a day and I'm popping a 40 mg famotidine (pepcid) or 40 mg raniditine (zantac) at another part of the day to help.

Good luck.

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