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I Am Officially Registered For College In The Fall...

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Had my meeting with the ACCESS office today. They actually have heard of POTS and they actually have a plan in place already in case a POTS student faints or has problems!!!! I couldn't believe it. I can't wait to meet the other two POTSY people. (There are two others registered this fall.) They introduced me to the college police and they had me put their number on speed dial in case I need them for anything, even wheeling me to a class if necessary!!!! There are even two police who are trained paramedics on duty every day for students who need help. Even the local fire dept that has the school has read up on POTS because of a student last year. I just pray I can make it through the whole year. I will have accomodations in regards to tests and missing classes. Just in case so I can make up a test if I am really sick the day of it. And because of the difficulty I have been having with some cognitive issues, maybe lyme, maybe pots related I will have a personal tutor for an hour per week to help me catch up in the math area and others if need be. I had to promise to wear a medical braclet and carry my info in my bag and carry drinks and salty items. They even thought to put into policy that if there is a pots student in the room he/or she can have the maintance know to keep the room at the level of coolness most comfortalbe to ME. They made me feel so special and cared for. Had a great experience. They couldn't have done any better to address my questions and needs. And the plus is my daughter starts to this fall and some of our classes are together! She says it's great but we'll see what she says later on....At least she can share notes and fill me in on anything I might miss and we can help each other.


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That is fantastic!! I wish you and your daughter the best! :)

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