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Left Sided Weakness -it's Back


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I have had a bad week with my POTS, and yesterday I noticed that my left leg was weaker again. I am having a hard time going up stairs, and my left foot is tingling. I have had normal EMG's and MRI's. Is this part of POTS? My cardiologist does not think so. I am concerned that this will become more progressive? I know a few members of this forum are bed or wheelchair bound and wonder if it because of the specific muscle weakness or fainting?

Mayo declined to see me, so I can't get any answers from an autonomic neurologist (Dispite my MD referral to Mayo)

If any of you have any ideas, I would love to hear them.

Thanks for your information.


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I'm going to Vanderbilt next week and this is one of my big questions for them. I too have weakness on the left side. It's both arm and leg. My MRI's are all normal. My PT says I have been compensating without realizing it - causing lots of my pain. She says my pelvis is now lopsided from the compensating possibly affecting my blader and bowels too. So I'll let you know what they say about this and it's connection to dysautonomia. Sorry you'll have to wait a couple weeks to hear what I learn though.


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