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I haven't written much in the last week. After April told me about the BP cuff, I went that afternoon and purchased one. It is great! I can take my BP whenever I feel a little funny, and it takes my heart rate, too. This has been such a help! I suspected the midodrine was making my BP too high, and I was right. I no longer take any. In fact, I wrote my Doctor an email about the BP and cutting out the midodrine, and he said that I probably can cut back on the Florinef, too! I am so happy about this! I see him and the cardiologist, that several of you recommended I see, next week. That horrible chest pressure is gone, and my breathing is greatly improved. PLUS, I have been sleeping so much better! I knew the midodrine was causing a lot of side effects, but I'd forgotten how good I could feel. If I could go back to when I was so terribly sick and choose to take the midodrine or not, I would still take it. It gave me back a semblence of life.

I have been doing so much better that my hope that I'll be able to do more of what I used to be able to do has swelled to the combustion point! I wish I could send each of you some of my good feelings. I certainly hope that each of you also continue to improve. I know I probably will always have POTS and that it will more than likely show itself over and over again at totally unexpected times, but for now I am just glorying in how well I feel.

Now all I'm taking is the 0.1 mg of Florinef and 100 mg dose of Zoloft, plus my allergy and asthma medications. Of course I also wear my compression hose everyday and drink two quarts of water and eat lots of foods with sodium and potassium. And get as much sleep as I can.

So, here's to good health to us all!!! :angry:

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