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After Reading The Dr Goldstein Post I Got A Crazy Idea..

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After reading goldicedance's post about "Excellent Resourse by Dr. Goldstein" I read about if you plunge your fist in ice water it will raise your BP, I got a crazy idea since I was going to take my shower, (which I hate cuz I feel horrible after for an hour or so even though I only take a warm one not a hot one) anyway I took my usual warm shower then stepped out, and turned the hot water down till it was really cold then I stepped back in, It was a real shock at first but after a little bit it felt good and I stayed in for about 2 minutes making sure I stood under water and got my head and all. When I felt really cold I got out. Guess what I felt a little light headed but no where near what it usually does, I didn't even have to go lay down for a while which I usually always do. Tomarrow I am going to try it again and a little longer. It struck a note for me cuz we have a pool and the water hasn't warmed up good yet and it's cold. Last week I wanted to get in and suffered the cold water just to be in the pool and I had a pretty good day feeling wise after.

Anyone else going to try it? Let me know if it does anything?



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I did something similar in the winter when I did not have a diagnosis and meds. I would go outside and have my coat open and walk on the sidewalk until I was cold. That was the only way I could get to my car without fainting.

Now I know that it's because cold contracts the blood vessels. I am glad that I have meds because I got many colds this way.

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Putting my hand in ice water for 5 minutes was part of the study I had done. All I remember was when I took my hand out it was red and numb... :(


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