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Heart Rate Question


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I recently got a heart rate monitor and have been wearing it throughout the day to monitor my activity level.

What I found is that several times a day my HR drops to 30, or goes up to 180 for only a few seconds, then returns to normal (70-120). I was just on the phone (relaxed) and it went up to 228! I have no sensation when these events occur, it can occur during the most ordinary activities and has no pattern.

My question is, is this normal or should I contact my doctor? My PCP doesn't seem very knowledgeable re: POTS, and the cardiac EP who diagnosed me said he doesn't need to see me anymore (since I'm doing everything that can be done for POTS).

I would really appreciate some input from your collective knowledge on heart rate, since I have no understanding of this! Thankyou so much---Ellen

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Are you wearing a heart rate watch or one with a chest strap? I have one that is ekg accurate(watch) I tried the chest strap one and found I could not always get a reading. or it was really funky) I can tell you that there are times when I check my heartrate and it shows 238..it is not my rate,,it is usually caused by a bad connection with my fingertip and the monitor etc. On the website for the watch it told me that as well as I contacted the company. I mean I knew for sure my heartrate was not like that. It even at times drops to 40's,,and I know that is not right either. I was told if there is not enough moisture on you fingertip,,or to much pressure that can affect the readings.

I am not saying that is what is happening to you, but I would bet anything you would notice a rate of 238! Keep playing around with it and see how often it happens. I can do it 2-3 times in a row and come up high, low then finally somewhere where I think I would be. ;)

Now I don't know how much of a variation in heartrate one should have, meaning like at rest, should it go from 70-90..is that normal or should it be pretty much in the same area while at rest.?...hmmm

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Guest sonotech

I agree with "mom4cem". I was going to tell you the same thing. I have had similar experiences with MY hrt rate monitor and have even noticed that certain household things (like my hairdryer) cause "interference" or abnormal readings.

I hope that you aren't having such hrt rate fluctuations, and if you think you ARE, then you really should contact your EP Cardio and tell them about it. I think you would at least feel funny or jittery or something if your hrt rate got up to 238...cuz thats kinda scary. When MY hrt rate gets above 130, I really start to have chest pain, feel jittery, and get short of breath.

Hope you find the right answers to this problem!!

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yes, I have a strap and it transmits to the wristwatch. It's a Polar F5, Fitness Heart Rate Monitor, and it's accurate up to +-1%. That's a good suggestion, I will contact the manufacturer.

I don't know what is "normal" and I don't want to call my doc for this and have him think I'm a hypochondriac. ;)

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I use a Polar with a chest strap. I love it -- it is really useful to monitor especially when you first get POTS. If you read the manual, it says the watch can pick up electrical signals from appliances, etc. That usually explains the strange numbers that show up for me--I know I always read in the 230s when I'm on my laptop! I think the numbers are troublesome if they last several minutes and/or I'm not feeling well.

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