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Parma Hts Oh Gettogether Update From Today's Meeting

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Well today was the day and I was a little dissapointed at the turnout. Only our sweet Sunfish came and we did have a very nice time getting to know each other. But where were the rest of you? You missed the fun ice breaker my hubby had planned for us and a whole table of nice goodies and the very cool air conditioning.....Just me whinning......I might have another gettogether when the weather gets on the cooler side if anyone shows any interest....

and see if the turnout is better. I know its hard with the heat for most of us and you never do know how we might feel on any particular day. Even this morning I wasn't feeling up to it and had to push myself. It would be nice to meet those of us who live close by and start some kind of support group to uplift each other and help each other.


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kim and melissa,

you two are real tough cookies!!! i really admire you. if i was any closer i would have joined you, that's for sure. i would have brought my husband who would have loved to be able to talk to other pots-hubby's.

i understand that it must have been disappointing for you kim, eventhough we all know how it is: we're never sure whether we can make it. but here's a hooray for organizing!!!!!!!

corina :)

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