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Veerrry Hot

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Aside from stomach issues, lately I've been gettin this hot, sweaty feeling gush through out my body. It's like one huge hot flash that happens over and over again.

I had palpitations earlier so I took my Metoprolol...I wonder what could cause the hot flash feeling. Do you think it could have something to do with my stomach issues?? I see my cardio July 6th so I'm going to see what he says......I think it's time for a cold shower and some A/C..


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I don't know how or if it might relate to the stomach issues for you, but I've been getting hot flashes all the time since I was at least preadolescent. It's my most obvious symptom, accompanied by the dizziness. What's annoying is that even when I'm on meds and my vitals are relatively normal, I still get hot and sweaty sitting, standing, or even occasionally lying down. Argh. Cold showers are good, sometimes ice water or ice packs helps. Sorry you're dealing with them, and I hope the A/C helps!

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