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Had A Bad Potsy Night Full Of Surging And Paralysing

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hi all..I need to vent to somebody who is going to understand what i'm talking about..

last night i was very tired.. but i couldnt sleep.. despite the fact taht i was so tired.. I layed in bed for a while.. and then i started getting buzzing in my ears.. louds buzzzing.. and i started to feel very restless and well antzy.. i could feel the outpouring of adrenaline zipp thru me.. b/c it made me feel sick as all get out.. then I had to start peeing like every 2 minutes.. and i was ahving a ahrd time controling my "urges" to pee.. I was having leaky issues and stuff.. totally gross.. well then the intense tummy pain started.. and with the tummy pain came the shaking and the chills.. and extreme thirsty..

i had the chills and shaking.. and felt all other except for my face that i was burning up.. the chills where like on the inside.. and where making me feel cold.. but on the hotside iwas burning up.. like my body was on fire. then the nausea hit and and bad diarrhea...so on it went...

i finally was able to lay back down .. and the tachycardia started.. and the trouble breathing.. i get weird pains inmy lungs.. where it feels like my lungs are ahving muscle spasms. and when i get pain like that i can not breath.. like really cant breath.. I'm in able to take even little breaths fully.. i was like that for about 20 minutes. thsoe spasms normlaly simmer down on there own. but its still scary to expereince.. the tthat spams spread from my lungs down into my entire abdomen... and then i washaving trouble breathing.. but this time b/c of the tighening everywhere. and the pressure that i was causing on my um the thingy under your breast. where the breast bones (sterum??) meet in the middle and form the upside down U..

so I went on like this all night.. and sometime around 5 am-6 am I kept hearing waht sounded like really muffled guitar music OK.. (i'm not crazy here but it was driving me insane)!!!!!!!!!.. i actually got up and turned the fans off.. b/c i thought i was somebody car radio or system or something playing this loud music at 5 in the mrning!.. i turned the fans off and listened.. and i couldnt hear it.. when i stood up it disappeared!!!!!!!

but the minute that i laid back down it came back.. and my ears started to hurt!! how crazy is that????.. so iput ear pluggs in my ears.. and finally took an extra clonidine.. and with in 20 minutes the "music" stopped.. and i was finally able to drift off to sleep.. only to wake up a very short time later with full body jerking that hurt like the dickens.. i was ahlf a wake and half a sslep.. fell back to sleep.. and woke up some time later.. and i was paralysing big time.. full fledge nasty spell..i was going in and out of consciousness quite abit...

I remember has i was starting to come out of the apralysis that the telephone range some time after 7am.. and it startled me.. and caused my allready sensitive hyper allert system to react.. casuing recovery to be worse and even more painful

I really can not hadnle the apin during and especially after a bad spell its more then a bit to much... I'm still ahving pretty bad burning and (feeling of)tearing in my right shoulder into my neck.. and down my arm some.. and periodic cold stinging thru out my entire body.. and stinging in my face and lips.. pain with in all of my bones.. as usuall my fingers and toes seem to bare the brunt of pain and dislocating.. big ouch there holy crap

I've keep waking up.. or its is waking me up with tachycardia.. yucky.. and i've still got a very bad headache and feel pukey to the max

I'm trying to figure waht casued me to flip out like that last night and i'm not real sure.. though I woke up not feeling well yesterday.. i had a dco app. and i started to get really symptomatic in the exam room.. i was about 1- 1/12 blocks from home.. and b/c it wasraining i walked the few blocks home instead of using my wheelchair.. and i got home and wwas so symptomatic and really needed o lay down and i slept about 5 1/2-6 hours after my appointment..

i dont know .. i just needed to vent as I'm feeling pretty gosh darn icky still.... I'm trying to talk my self into eating something.. but i dont think that is giong to go over too well. UGH.. though i just ate some dill pickle slices ..

thanks for letting me vent folks

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Hey Linda,

What an aweful night. :) I can relate about the hot feeling w/ goosebumps. I had that the other night when I went to the hospital. I had the chills but my whole body was sooo hot, yet I was shivering..

I'm also curious if you have epilepsy or anything?? The jerky movements could be some type of seizures....Maybe your migraines are causing some probs as well.....I'm curious as to what the next step is now that you have your MRI results which came back as abnormal...Do you see a neuro????? I'm wondering what he says about all of this....

Anyhow I hope tonight is a better night....Alot of different things could cause the probs your having <_< ...Hope your docs figure things out for you!

Take care,


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no I'm not having epileptic seizures.. my most recent eeg came back abnormal.. and they cant not rule out that i'm not having some sort of seizure.. i have a neuro who treats me for my migraines.. but she is stumped as tho all of the other issues going on....

I'm scheduled to see dr. grubb in a few weeks. then a week after i see grubb I'll be going back to ohio to see dr. fouad..(cleveland clinic) and to have a blood volume test done. I contacted another ans specialist.. he is"thinking" low blood volume might be contributing to things.

Next week i am overnighting my films and records to the chairi insitute.. in hopes that they can further evaluate me and see fi they cant figure out what is happening..

I have alot of tests and labs tht come back abnormal.. but nothing clear cut enough to piece together the full picture you know?

((((((((((((((((sigh)))))))))))))))))))) i dont know.. i did try eating abit.. but my head is hurting to the point that it hurts to chew :(:)<_<:( ireally need some IV fluids.. but next week wont be able tog et any b/c my doc is on vacation... so I'm trying to down as much fluid as i can..

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Guest CyberPixie

I get pretty much all that at night too. My worst symptoms are vibrating and half sleep/half awake but paralysed thing, I can be dreaming yet thinking rationally at the same time. I hear things and get buzzing and roaring. It isn't nice! ((hugs)).

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Hi Linda,

Are you feeling any better?

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i'm very slowly recovering.. I'm sleeping alot.. but on a good note.. i can now move my arm w/ o a ton of pain.. unlike yesterday.. i could barely move my arm.. my glands under my arm pitt running into my right breast are swollen and they hurt like mad!!!!!

hopefully tomorrow will hold more energy and less pain.. and i'll be able to eat! nothing sounds the least bit appealing to me...

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