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Pots- Hysterectomy


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I was reading some post about Dr. Grubb and someone said that he said POTS can get worse after Menopause?! Is that proven by studies does anyone know?

it just kind of scard the **** out of me because i have not yet gone through menopause and I surely don't want the POTS to get worse.

In fact I'm having such a horrible time with my period, a hystectomy has been talked about so now i"m really scared. I was hoping it would make things better not worse.

Does anyone have any info on this that might make me feel better.LOL

I was scared about this hysterectomy talk and now i'm just even more scared.


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hi sue,

i've been on the surgery list for last april as i have been having menstruating trouble for about 14 years now (i'm 42) and getting soooo sick and tired of all the unexpected, much too often and at times severe periods that my gyn wanted to do a hysterectomy (which isn't much done in my country). at that point i wanted so badly all the trouble to stop that i agreed. but after a last try of meds my periods stopped and i cancelled the hysterectomy as i'm afraid that my pots will get worse by having surgery (i have very bad experiences with no/way too low bp after surgery). after about two weeks the trouble started again. i am thinking about having surgery after our soon to come vacation or after the summer (which is my best time of the year potswise). i agreed with my gyn that whenever it would start again he will schedule me in for surgery again (so that i won't have to be on a waitinglist).

good luck making a decision,

corina :)

oh btw i am so sick and tired about all the menstruation stuff that i can't imagine my pots will get worse than this already is.

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Shortly after I was diagnosed with POTS, I had a hysterectomy because of fibroids and constant bleeding. My ferritin level was 0 and I was so fatigued and short of breath. I was around 35 years old (I can't remember dates).

Anyway it was the best thing I have ever done. They left 1 ovary and I didn't go into menopause for 7 years. When I did, I used the Climara patch to replace my estrogen for another 5 years.

When I stopped using the patch a few years ago I had ALOT of hot flashes which continue (I am now 50). But, you get used to them somewhat. They are minimal compared to the POTS symptoms. Did surgery make my POTS worse- NO WAY. I felt so much better after my hysterectomy.

At this point in my life the symptoms have changed, my doctor said during menopause my blood vessels would stiffen up like normal peoples and my BP would actually get higher and it has. The fatigue, nausea, bouts of tachycardia, chest pain etc. are the same. But not having to deal with PMS symptoms has been great.

I have never regretted having a hysterctomy. The day after surgery was rough but I recovered as fast as a "normal" person would.

We are all so different that I don't think anyone can make a statement like with menopause you will get worse or with menopause you will improve. Our systems aren't like others so there is no pat answer. It's like SSRI's help some of us, beta blockers work for some of us, florinef is the answer for others. Who knows what will make us feel better or worse. Trust your gut. When I made the decision it was like well it's worth a shot because I couldn't imagine feeling any worse.

Good Luck


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there is always the option of having the hysterectomy, but keeping your tubes and ovaries, which will keep you with your natural hormones--certainly the uterus gives of some of the hormones, but the other parts do too. This is what I'm considering because of erratic, painful periods combined with migraines the day before my period every month.


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Friday, my story is the same as Dawn's - I have never regretted for a minute having a hysterectomy. I have had POTS since mid-thirties, just diagnosed last year at 50.

I think what Dr. Grubb was saying was, POTS doesn't necessarily go away when you go through menopause (don't expect a guaranteed improvement when you turn 50), and can even get worse. This illness is so unpredictable.

I actually feel as good as before the hysterectomy just without cramps, bloating no moodiness- I love being period-free! I hope you consider this option with your doctor- Ellen

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I also had a HD, have one ovary. Didn't go into menopause yet but want to assure you it was the BEST thing I ever did. To be sick with both POTS and endometriosis was horrible.

So far POTS has not changed and I sure hope it doesn't get worse with menopause.

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