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Sick After Eating?

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Hi guys,

I am just curious as to how many of you feel nauseaus after eating? I feel sick before I eat, but then after I feel worse....Is this something that goes along with POTS???

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Great question!! I've felt the same thing. I feel really, really tired after I eat and I've also been known to get outrageous pain in my chest and legs.

I'm curious to know the answer. Thanks for asking such a wonderful question!!!


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Guest dionna

fainting, dizziness, lightheadedness, stomach aches, headaches, flushing, heat flashes, chills, weakness... all of those and more after eating. i always stay seated for a while after eating so i don't faint as often. i love to eat!

dionna :)

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yeah i get like that.. before i realized that i had a problem with carbs (pasta-potato's..bread starchy stuff) i ate it like crazy.. I so LOVE pasta of any kind and butter bread...

Now I hardly eat any starchy food.. and I've found that it helps abit with feeling sick after meals... also the eating small meals that does help too.. but i think its apots related thing for us.. and we are sometimes going to feel sick after eating.. regardless of waht we eat at times.. its just the body way of pulling our blood to our guts to digest food.. thus leaving us with less blood then before to circulate every where else that it needs to go.

its s*cks I know.. hope you feel better dear



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I pass out after meals about 50% of the time. i stay away from large meals. I cannot have a hamburger w/o passing out,I have to eat 3 or 4 bites every hour or so. I try to eat a little bit all day long. This happens when I am very smptomatic. Not all the time. I could go months w/o having a problem or it could go on for mos.

Good luck,


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