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Hello And Thank You


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Hello everyone. I've been lurking for a while and thought it was time to say thank you to everyone on this forum.

I think that I may have had a mild version of POTS for years, but when I got short of breath going DOWN stairs, I couldn't just pass it off as needing more exercise, better diet, etc. After a round of tests showed that my "plumbing" was OK, my ex-doctor tells me that everything is fine, and I'll never know what causes the symptoms, and stop wasting the insurance company's money. I tried telling her that just because the plumbing works, it doesn't mean that the control systems do, but she wasn't interested in anything I had to say.

I do have to thank her though, she got me mad enough to do my own research. Thank you a million times for this site. I stumbled into it somehow & found out what my problem was. I also found a doctor that is helping me through this site.

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hi cheryl, welcome around!

although i do hate the stories about docs that don't want to help patients like us (or others of course) i am very glad that you found out what is wrong AND a doctor who is willing to help!!! so let's hang on to te good news!

again, welcome, i hope you will find answers to all your questions. and yes: this site is a real lifesaver to a lot of us!!!

corina :rolleyes:

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I want to say thank you for the site also.

I have POTS and EDS and it seems the POTS causes as much, if not more grief than the EDS and all of the posts and responses on this forum are very helpful and reassuring to me.

It makes me realize that I am not a "rare" specimen, not a hypochondriac, not alone and that there is hope and there will be a brighter day.

This is a great web site,


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First of all, might I say welcome! :rolleyes: I was in the same boat as you just a few months ago until I found this site, and got diagnosed. Its always good to know that it all isn't just in your head, a sort of knowing puts your mind at ease even if the doctors aren't exactly sure how to fix you.

This forum is such a wonderful blessing to myself and many others. Without the comfort and wisdom of these beautiful, strong people I'm not sure if I could have made it this far. Knowing that your not alone, and that there is light at the end of this tunnel gives me strength to perservere another day.

Welcome again.


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Welcome to the forum! :rolleyes: ...or should I say welcome to our home! Getting diagnosed is the first step towards finding some treatment to help you with your symptoms....Glad you have made it to the first step, for some (and I'm not sure with you) it took many years before they were diagnosed.

Once again welcome!


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