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Been Up And Down

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Hi all!

I see that I have missed a lot since I was last on.

Just wanted to welcome everyone that I haven't had the chance to welcome. I have 4 pages to catch up on and no way can I do that right now...my eyes tell me it's time for bed...lol So I'm sorry for cheating a bit, but I hope you understand.

I have been struggling with sleep....doesn't matter when I go to bed, I'm so tierd when I wake up and feel really sick. Went to bed last night at 10pm and still didn't get up untill 9am and that's only because my kids were hungry.

My husband tells me I need to get on a schedule, and if I was normal (big laugh) then I might agree.

I have tried to get to bed early and be up early, but it doesn't matter. I feel sick regardless of what time I get up, but it's even worse when it's before 8am.

Sooo frustrated!!!

Anyway, I do need to go to bed,

I wish luck to all and I hope to catch up soon,


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hi amber,

i am sorry that you feel so sick. and in a way, your husband is right but i now exactly how you feel.

can you manage with your kids? can you get some help with them or are they old enough to make their own breakfast? or maybe you can talk to your husband and let him manage the breakfast.

it is important to somehow get some kind of pattern in your day. i have times where i feel sick and very very tired and sleepy so that i could sleep 24/7 for days/weeks. but i don't want to admit myself to do so anymore, as i think it makes me worse. i now don't go to bed anymore (although i know i should once a day) but stay in my recliner. i sleep in it, but i'm dressed and when the kids come into the room i wake up.

good luck and have patience with yourself,

corina :rolleyes:

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Hey Amby,

I've haven't been posting much lately either. Just want to say i hear you about the sleep issues. That is one of my major problems. I really hate it when people tell me to get on a schedule. Like you said, if we were normal, that's exactly what we'd do! I just wish i could put certain people in my body some days so they could experience what i feel. I also feel sick when i wake up. Frustrated right along with you... :)


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I also agree, sleep schedule AND POTS, nearly impossible to do. I haven't been getting to bed until 2am lately and then I wake up at 2pm and feel tired and have headaches, etc. It's hard getting a sleep pattern set up, esp when one's not feeling good.

Glad to see you post, it's been a while! ;)


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I can relate..Its 2:00 a.m and I am up..lol.. and when I sleep I sleep until late..and that is not a good pattern to be in, but it always starts with feeling so bad I need to rest, sleep during the day..soon before I know it I am off my routine again. I tried ambien..That worked for a while until I started sleepwalking, getting up in the middle of the night doing odd things.. So now I take nothing more than the regular meds.. I wish you all the luck..hang in there


take care,


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