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If Bp And Hr Are Okay, Why Am I Still So Sick?

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Maybe I don't understand this illness but lately my bp and hr have been okay 107/75 or around there. My hr goes up a bit usually 90's while standing....................anyways why am I still sick? If my hr/bp is okay shouldn't I feel better???

Do you guys feel sick even when hr/bp are fine?


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Yep. I'm still trying to sort this all out. Obviously, there is more involved than just blood pressure readings.

In my case, if any part of me is vertical (that means, my head and shoulders when standing or sitting, my legs lifted when lying on the floor) I start feeling symptoms. Symptoms include immediate headache, and feeling fluish.

My conclusion is: Whatever is supposed to happen to help blood circulate against gravity is malfunctioning.

This malfunctioning may or may not have anything to do with my blood pressure at that moment.

But it definitely causes symptoms, and to me, these symptoms are always present, if a part of me is vertical.

Add to that mix, a possibility of hypovolemia, faulty blood pressure regulation, faulty digestion, a poor response of the adrenals to stress.... etc. etc.

And there you have it...........

Debilitiating to say the least.

I'm so sorry to say all this. I don't really want to sound discouraging. I just want you to realize that for me there is much more involved than just blood pressure readings. That's a fact.

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Your right. It's just that the doctors make me feel if my vitals are good than so am I. And I'm not!!! Every 4-6 weeks I get really sick where I need people to help me care for my kids than I can handle it for a few weeks. I just wish I knew what was going wrong with my body so it could be fixed.

Thanks for your response


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I can relate. I felt good for a while, had some nice low heartrates. Felt "normal" for a week but still had other symptoms, then came a crash.

When you don't "look" sick by others definition or just don't have the symptoms a the time, they assume you are o.k. There is just so much more to this than hr and b/p. I think at any time symptoms can change and one can become dominant and another may quiet down.

Know that you are not alone in feeling this way. :rolleyes:

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I certainly hope you have a doctor that has some familiarity with this syndrome. My neurologist does have familiarity, but, I don't think he really understands how dibilitating this all can be esp. since I can stand for 10 minutes in his office during each visit. (I feel terrible, but I'm standing.) He makes me stand so he can take my blood pressure and heartrate to see how I'm doing. I'm trying to educate him to the fact that there is definitely more to this than the BP and HR. I feel bad and, of course, my hands and legs turn purple. (He knows that.)

My general practitioner thinks I'm doing well because she doesn't see me much for bronchitis, or sinusitis.

I gave her one of the POTS brochures from this website. It is really helpful for doctors to see it.

Maybe you could get yourself some of the brochures from this website to hand out?

Take care, and hugs.

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I think that the problem is more complicated than just the blood pressure and heart rate readings. Even people who have much less blood than they are supposed to have can have normal blood pressure and heart rate readings, especially if they are on a beta blocker to slow the heart rate down. Those readings might be fairly normal because the arteries constrict to maintain blood pressure. Of course, that means that the tissues are getting starved of oxygen and nutrients. If you try to exercise in this condition, you will probably shift over to anaerobic metabolism (non-oxygen-using) very quickly, so you will tire easily and feel crummy afterward. Has your blood volume been tested? How about your cardiac output and anaerobic threshold?

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I'm so glad you posted this,

I too get normal readings but can still feel sick.

I was confused by this, but kinda blew it off. Nice to know that I'm not the only one.

Thanks for the post,


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