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Scoliosis Anyone?


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Okay, so now I have been having shoulder and neck pain in addition to POTS and so I went to a chiropracter today and he told me I have stage 1 scoliosis and my spine in my neck is too straight and also has a curve that goes the wrong way. This is the first chiropracter I have gone to. He says he would like to get me off all my meds (for POTS and asthma) and he believes I would feel much better by getting adjustments and hanging weights off my neck (traction?)

Has anyone else heard anything like this?

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scoliosis is very common in the general population, as is a retroflex curve of the neck--and it's highly unlikely that a chiropractor will be able to stablize you enough to go off of meds. It's the old saying "when you have a hammer everything looks like a nail"-- many chiropractors will tell you that you have a curve and/or "subluxations".

Please be careful b/c if you have any measure of hypermobility, traction and/or spinal manipulation can be dangerous if done by someone who is unfamiliar with EDS. That being said, I used to have a great chiropractor who was very gentle, and at my first visit year and years ago told me my spinal joints were hypermobile and I needed to be very careful--years before my EDS dx.

I have major scoliosis--a big s shaped curve 18 degrees one way, then something like 20 degrees the other (right-left). It's a common EDS finding and my mom's curve (a C shape, or more like a > shape) actually causes her heart to move to the side to make room for the spine that curves inward toward her chest/sternum.


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What meds would you be taken off of??? Wouldn't most meds you'd have to be weaned off of?? I would look into getting a second opinion, just to be sure before you do anything else...Goodluck!


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i have scoliosis.. my spine is in the shape of an S....

i would recomend that you dont not go off all of your meds with out first talking to your pots doc or who ever treats you for your pots.. that could be devastating for you..

also please do try and avaoid traction!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. OMG!! i had traction back in 2001 before i knew i had pots.. and it made me feel SOOOOOOOOO much worse.. i'd get so dizzy and lightheaded afterwards.. and my neck would hurt more after then before i went in...

the PT i waseeing was convinced that it would make me feel better.. i didn not..

how ever waht does help .. (done by chiro or pt person).. is ultrasound or message.. and moist heat on your neck or back.. laying dwon of course. and use a pillow thingy under your legs.... it helps me. but i cant handle heat be put on my chet or something.. it makes me symptomatic..

good luck to you.. i seriously would recommend an opinion from your potsy doc on this one!!!!!!!

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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. You'll find lots of references to it on this site over time.

I'd be wary of someone who offers to provide a miracle-type cure. I'm not saying that those things have never worked, but don't put too much stock in someone who's probably never heard of what he says he'll fix. I'm a fan of alternative therapies, but fixing one area of the life doesn't fix the others, so I believe there needs to be a more holistic approach .

As Nina said, spinal curvature is very common. I think that a perfectly straight spine is more unlikely than a slightly curved one, so the idea of a straight spine is more of an average, than an actual "norm." I have lumbar curvature, which may be responsible for at least some of my lower back pain, but I don't see how straightening my spine could teach my blood vessels something they were never programmed to do in the first place, you know?

Thanks for that info re: EDS and chiropracters, Nina, I hadn't heard that before.

I'm not saying that it's a bad idea to go to the chiropracter, but please don't be disappointed if it doesn't get you off your meds.

Take care!!!

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