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Spect Scan


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Guest sonotech

I have never heard of a "spect scan". I worked in hospital radiology departments for years and this is new to me, so I don't know what to tell you.

What is is supposed to check for??

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A SPECT scan is a study similar to a CT scan or a PET scan. The patient is injected with a radionuclide and the study is performed to provide information about blood flow to tissue. Analyzing blood flow to an organ may help determine how well that organ is functioning.

Tissues absorb the radionuclide as it circulates in the blood. A camera rotates around the patient and picks up the radionuclide particles.This information is picked up by a computer that translates the informatoin into 3/D pictures. The study measures cellular/tissue change. The radionuclides are absorbed by healthy tissue at a rate that is different than diseased tissue.

Sounds pretty much like a CT scan or a PET scan.

Hope this helps,


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