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I Just Finished A Semester Of Full Time Study!


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I am so excited... i have tried at least 4 times to manage full time study and each time i had to drop out from not been able to handle it. However, i finally managed it! :)

I know people sometimes feel that there is no much news of recovery on this forum as many times once people recover they dont vist anymore. So while i would not say i have completely recoverd i would say i have made vast improvements. I Just wanted to share the good news with people who know how much these little steps forward can mean B) It was devestating when i use to try to manage full time but had to drop out, it is so disheartening and upsetting and it happend year after year.. but there is hope!

Good luck to those who are attempting to regain 'normal' activity levels, my thoughts are with you all :)

Now i have to see if i can do another semester full time while overseas ... eeek! It was a dream for so long and due to illness appeard it would remain a dream. I cant believe i am actually going to attempt it at long last.

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I have a daughter who also has CFIDS and she was also diagonosed around 2000. She has made many adjustments to her schedule and transf. from living on campus to living at home and going to school at night.

She has missed all that comes with being a traditional student, but is doing well with the current changes. It is also her dream to travel, semester at sea or anywhere-- she hangs on to that goal just as you did and I know she will get there.

What is your major study?

Thanks for posting. :D

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Oh I'm sooo happy for you!!! :D Hope whatever is doing the trick for you continues to work out for you!!!!!

I'm also as to what your area of study is?


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I'm SO happy for you, Evie! :ph34r: Keep up the good work!

I want to pack myself into your suitcase! I've started some online courses, but I'm not yet ready for full-time university study or travel. I plan to make it out to see the world at some point, though! :D

Have you decided where you want to travel for study or what you'd study there?

Do give us the whole scoop when you get the chance!

Lots of love,


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congrats congrats congrats evie! i'm SO happy for you and hope things just keep getting better & better....

:lol: melissa

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Thanks so much for all your sweet responses!

My major is American history and i am about to go on exchange to boston college. I sort of threw myself in the deep end when applying as i had to start the application a year ago and i was not really certain if i would actaully be able to go through with it. I had a crash in jan that lasted a month but since then i have been quite strong. Although since i finished 3 days ago i have crashed a little but i think that even healthy people do that after exams?

Lauren and Angela, believe me there were many tears along the way but hopefully in time you can do it. I had almost got to the stage where i did not want to try full time anymore as i didnt think i could handle the heartbreak of having to drop out again, thank goodness i 'felt the fear and did it anyway'. Its so tough to know when to be 'sensible' and when to push, and i wish i could give advice on how to help recovery but i have come to the conclusion its basically luck, or at least things that are tough for us to control. I wish you both the best and hope that you are able to do it too someday (although with this condition i realise one semester does not mean forever ... i am quite scared i will have a bad turn.. but i suppose thats a fear we all have to deal with that from time to time).

Nadine i also wish the best to your daughter, supportive parents help SO SO much so its wonderful you are on a forum for her. When i had to drop out of high school my parents were understanding but i cant get over how many parents just could not understand... turns out it was one of the best things i ever did and i got where i want to go anyway (maybe a few more tears and less parties along the way). I hope your daughter gets where she wants to be eventually and my heart goes out to her during the horrible uncertain period when your half there but still no where close to being 'normal'. (i hope that makes sense.. i just woke up)


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