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Odd Symptom

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this. I get pain when I have any pressure on my chest. Today I was holding my daughter against my chest. She was leaning her head and applying pressure and the pain was so intense I felt like I couldn't breathe. I also can't take my husband holding me in bed at night. My chest just always hurts if I have any pressure on it. Actually it is right below near my rib cage. The pain is very uncomfortable but have had this for awhile. Has anyone experienced this or know what it might be?

Thank you


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Guest CyberPixie

Do you mean underneath your breasts? I've had it a long long time and all round my ribs too. Not quite so bad now but could be myalgia of the ribs or chostochondritis (sp?) Can be connected with EDS and Fybromyalgia.

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I would say costco also or fibro/mps. Have you tried feeling for the pain with your fingers? Can you induce the pain by pressing down? I can in the same areas on both sides of the last ribs. When I am bold I will work on them. They hurt and hurt for days after but then they ease up for a while.

Guessing these trigger points can be formed from stress/tense, changes in the way we breathe, or use our arms..almost anything can set up these points.

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