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Upper Endoscopy

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Hi guys,

I am scheduled to go in for an upper endoscopy July 5th. I'm just wondering for those who have had it done if there were any special precautions taken, etc. Also, how you recovered after the procedure...Any other advice is welcome.



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Well I have had this done twice and my experience was very positive. Didn't remember a thing and had no problems after. I can say with all the procedures and tests I had, this was a piece of cake. My cousin had it as well-she said the same thing.


just wanted to be sure that you do have someone taking you?? I was pretty sleepy the entire day, but actually felt better physically. I am sure it was the drugs!!

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I also have had two endoscopies and have to agree- it was a piece of cake compared to other medical testing. I don't remember a thing either time. As far as anesthesia, I would look into this. I was not diagnosed at the time and did not know what to ask for. I think there is something to avoid- maybe it is listed on the website somewhere. Best of luck to you and don't worry- this test is not bad at all. Just had a sore throat for a day or so.

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Why don't some ppl remember anything?

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hi you domt remeber b/c of the drugs they give you.. I've had an upper scope done twice now after pots diagnosis.. the only prob i had was each time my pulse ox (breathing) was low in the 80's.. I was having apnea.. and was forgetting to breath.. but they would wake me up and turn the oxygen up..

but it was pretty uneventful.. and no problems after wards..you do need to have somebody drive you hiome b;/c of the drugs they give you...

just let them know of your dysautonomia.. and you should be fine!! :)

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How funny this post was here today, as I just got back from a gasterologist and he scheduled me for the exact same procedure for July 6th! I was really anxious about it until I just read all your posts as I'm so sensative to any medications that I wasn't sure how I'd do with the relaxing meds they give you before the procedure. I have major problems with the gas they give you before a dental procedure, so hopefully it's not the same stuff. Jacquie - Thanks for starting this posts.

Also, for any of you who've had this already done, was anything ever found or is this just another test to rule out one of the symptoms that's actually due to Dysautonomia?

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I'm also curious as to what this test looks for/may find.

Tammy: How weird is it that they are scheduled one day apart?! :lol:

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I've had too many of the EDG's to remember how many.

They look to see if you may have:

ulcers of the stomach or esophagus

inflammation of the esophagus or stomach



Polyps that don't belong in your stomach

hiatal hernia

strictures of the esophagus which they can stretch if needed

can do biopsies if necessary

can test for H. pylori to see if that's the cause of the ulcers or inflammation

in me, once, they found a arterial-venous malformation in my stomach which they cauterized It was causing a small amount of bleeding

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Hi there!

I had an upper endo, as well as a colonoscopy nearly a month ago. I don't know if they do the same type of sedative and preparation for just the upper as with the combo, but I was given versed and demerol. It was my first time being sedated since being dx'd with POTS, and they gave me a saline drip and oxygen before they started, with which I was impressed since I didn't even have to ask for it. Unfortunately nearly as soon as they had started, my BP crashed and they had to wake me up, so I was conscious for the majority of it. The coloscopy part was quite painful, but I'd say the endoscopy part was more uncomfortable. I kept burping with it, and choking, but luckily it didn't last very long. So I'd say it wasn't as bad as the colonoscopy, but it definitely wasn't fun!

Good luck!!

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My friend is an anesthesiologist so he puts me to sleep. He won't give me versed. ( BP gets too low). When I had an endoscopy last summer, he had me take florinef 3 days prior and the morning of. Then he gave me 2 liters of saline before the procedure. I had it done in surgery and he stayed with me and gave me short acting drugs. I did fine. Woke right up and didn't remember a thing.


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i've had several EGDs over the years (5 i think...) - one pre-diagnosis & my most recent during my most recent hospital stay. generally they have been okay though my first one was my first experience with any sedation so that we didn't know how sensitive i was. when we got home i then "crashed" for a good day...my mom couldn't even wake me up. since then we've known i was sensitive so they watch it with the quantity of meds i'm given. i had a BP crash one other time while in recovery but was on monitors & the like so they handled it and i was fine within several hours. otherwise i've always just been wiped out afterward.

i now have apnea so require a different type of sedation/monitoring which actually made me more alert than i ever have been after the scope. my mom couldn't believe how with it i was.

having someone to drive you home is mandatory. you are not allowed to drive for the rest of the day. some places will allow you to take a cab but most require a "responsible party" to be with you before they will discharge you.

in addition to the things already mentioned, an EGD can diagnose celiac disease (via a biopsy) and can show indications of gastroparesis if it's severe enough (via food still being in the stomach after the required fasting time.)

i've never had completely normal results...i've had varied things from stomach irritation to bile reflux to GERD to gastroparesis "found".

i'm sure you'll be fine. you may just want to tell them that you are sensitive to meds & then just plan to rest a lot after...

:lol: melissa

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Guest Julia59

I had an endoscopy in Feb of 2001. I did fine during the scope---it seemed like it only took 3 minutes or less. It was more of a straight shot down in there, so I don't think it takes as long as going through all those curves with the colonoscopy.

I did not do well with the drugs----after waking up I was groggy, and later in the day I had a mild reaction, but I ended up OK. This was the begining of my POTS, so I was more scared back then---I didn't know what was happening with my body.

My Dad just had a colonoscopy Friday----he is 74----he did great! They couldn't get all the way up into his bowel because it was twisted-----his bowel is a third longer then the average person. They ended up doing a barium enema an hour after the procedure. I took him home, and he promptly ate two peanut butter toasted sandwiches, and some juice. I was going to stick around, afterall----he went through a lot, but he kept saying he was fine. I ended up going home. I called later that evening---and he was fine, no problems at all.

Julie :0)

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