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Hi Everyone!

For those of you who get the chest tightness: (not the sharp chest pain) do you ever feel it in other parts of your body? I get it in my wrists and in my lower legs/above my knee cap. This is almost like a throbbing kind of tightness and it really begins hurting. Today is really hot out, and I've been feeling it like crazy....just wondering!

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Yes, I do have this as well-all the same places and more. Have a lot of muscle ,nerve, joint stiffness, pain-all of it. I cycle through days where it is worse than others. Movement is difficult in general for me.

Today the heat was a killer, as for many I am sure. Inside with a/c going all day right next to me, if I move to warmer area, feel achey, pain, unable to breathe, lightheaded-the usual. Have to stay where I feel cool air moving.

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Guest dionna

i get the pressure in the chest but not in the joints and areas you said but my body will feel like i have the flu or soething with being so sore and my joints are always stiff and popping. i am getting an appointment for that this week. i'm sorry that i can't relate exactly but i know you aren't alone. i hope you feel better

dionna :(

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