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Measuring Blood Flow During Orthostasis

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Has anyone here had equipment measure their blood flow to the brain upon standing (or sitting)?

I really believe that this "lack" of blood flow to my brain is causing me the most problems.

At what hospital or teaching institution was this done?

Have you been treated for reduced blood flow to the brain?

Thanks in advance.

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I *think* that Dr. Stewart in NY is doing a study that may include this type of info. I don't know if I've had the flow to my brain tracked numerically, but I had the flow to/from my heart measured. Also they measured my forehead temperature during a tilt, and it dropped from 94 degrees to 91 while standing... but I don't have numbers beyond those. It's definitely an interesting topic, though!

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At Boston Medical Center for my 2 Tilt Table Tests they had me wear a helmet-type thing that measured my cerebral bloodflow. The results showed that I had a significant decrease in blood to my brain.


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My old doctor did this in his office--he used a doppler of the brain's primary blood supply. I also had it done during a pilot for a study--I stood infront of a scanner that could "see" my blood flow. There are probably other ways to have it measured, I'm only speaking from the ones I've had done.


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